Charles Darwin University Should Keep Out Of Referendum

Educational institutions that is schools and universities should keep out of politics. In supporting The Voice Referendum Charles Darwin University is flying the colours of the Labor Party. Our take on the matter is that VC Scott Bowman supports The Voice therefore CDU does. From our research it seems Bowman is a bit of a “my way or highway” type of guy. So if you do not think like Bowman you are out.

Scott Bowman CDU, new job | The Courier Mail

CDU Australia’s most woke university.

NT Government Response Over Murder Of University Student “Slack” In Contrast To Shooting At Yuendumu?

The murder of a university student from CDU seems to be just another F*ck you cun*t moment for the Aboriginal population of NT. This has been duly noted according to a source who said the NT Government’s response to the murder of Md Isfaqur Rahman is in stark contrast to the legal shooting by a police officer of an individual at Yuendumu.

Charles Darwin University – Australia’s Only University Where Students Need A Baseball Bat For Protection

Sadly CDU is Australia’s only university where students should feel scared and unsafe. It is not the fault of the university.

The situation in the Northern Territory is unsafe, the place is dangerous. A relatively small population with a high crime rate.

The NT Government seems paralysed when it comes to crime.

The criminals must be “hoovered” up and into a cage.

The do-gooders will tell you that “inter-generational trauma” drives NT criminals to vandalise, steal, rape and murder.

We are waiting for a criminal to illegally enter premises in the NT and be killed by the occupant or occupants. It is only a matter of time.

* We do not support vigilante action. We pay our respects to vigilantes past and present.

Teacher Recruitment and Retention Issues Not Surprising

One member of The Trust burst out laughing when she read a snippet about CDU student teachers being used to fill teaching positions in NT Government schools.

Given that the NT Education Department generally treats teachers so badly it is hardly surprising that there is a shortage of teachers.

We would not be surprised if the NT Government was looking for Indian teachers to recruit!

In Kerala, 250 Teachers Working without Pay for Six Years

Welcome to Dysfunction Australia!

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TransparentNT Being Visited By NTG And Others On A Regular Basis

The Trust examines the readership of TransparentNT. Overall traffic to this blog has increased significantly recently. It is great to see many Territorians taking an interest in NT affairs. It is also fascinating to see visits by government and other organisations.

We know we are striking the correct cord when NTG visits the blog. The more cracks we can find in the veneer of government the better. It is through these cracks that we be probing until we find a raw nerve.