The Future Of Policing Remote NT Communities?

Will the future of policing remote NT communities have a high tech solution? Perhaps we have a lot to learn from China?

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And yes this robot “dog” can be painted in a culturally appropriate livery.

Vehicles in the future will also be controlled by the state. Your car will not function if you have digressed.

Asleep At The Wheel Over China

Are You Asleep at the Wheel? - My Menopause Magazine

The CLP leased a port to a Chinese company. Was Adam Giles working for Chinese interests rather than those of Australia? Did lobbyists get the ear of Giles?

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We now come to the Communist Party China’s NT representative, yes Daryl Guppy. Daryl likes to bullshit about Chinese being in the NT during the gold rush and WW2. Daryl does not tell his readers that there is no comparison between China since 1949 and China before 1949. Is Daryl opportunistic? Has he sold out? LINK

Daryl Guppy

Beijing’s NT Man?


COVID is so yesterday. It is amazing what a war can do for a pandemic! Perhaps our politicians have been focusing too much on the pandemic and the effect that deaths have on their chances at the next poll.

Meanwhile the Chinese are slowly bit by bit increasing their influence in the region. A Chinese take over rather than a Chines takeaway. Australians are more concerned about the price of coffee, smokes and grog. Why? Most Australians have their heads up their arse when it comes to the world. Talk about the Hayseeds.

40,000 Years of Dreaming A Century of Australian Cinema

Strewth, there are other countries and people besides Australia!

Are You Being Watched By ASIO Or ASIS?

We say let them watch.

Who knows what these murky organisations are doing.

False flag attacks from so-called terrorists who have been monitored for months and allowed to do minimal damage in order to convince the politicians greater security powers are needed?

Do we need a Gleiwitz incident?

Are the Chinese funding organisations that can launch pro-China candidates in elections? No doubt Chinese funding would be attractive to some!

We won't interfere in Zim: Chinese envoy - The Standard

Are the Indians seeking to gain greater influence in Australia?

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