Forrest Can Hire A Lobbyist But It Does Not Mean The People Of The NT Have To Put Up With Forrest Or His Lobbyist

Michael Gunner has stated that he will be employed by Fortescue Future Industries. Gunner will become what is essentially a lobbyist. What skill does Mr Gunner have apart from his contacts in the current NT Labor government? So Mr Gunner is an influence pedlar, a hawker.

The people of the NT have the power to stop Mr Gunner from doing any influencing. The solution is simple, contact your local member of the NT Legislative Assembly and tell them that you want action on lobbyists.

Political Mates Need The Boot


Australia is great at lecturing other countries about corruption, they call it good governance. But does Australia actually have good governance? We doubt it.

Time to purge the political mates and lobbyists. One of our members says “shoot the bastards”, most of us think that legislation should be sufficient.

We do not endorse the shooting of political mates and lobbyists.

The NT Is Going Backwards

Our elected members have failed us. Crime continues to get worse as the social fabric of the NT seems to be disintegrating. Not one person is prepared to engage in the hard conversations that need to be held. Everyone remains tight lipped lest they be called a racist. Political correctness, self-censorship and cancel culture are ruining the NT. Whinging on social media groups will not achieve change. Change comes at the ballot with electing candidates who will take action.

Consider the idea of using security dogs in Alice Springs. There would not be enough security dogs in all of Australia to effectively patrol Alice Springs let alone dog handlers. The whole thing sounded like a subsidy scheme for a security firm. Besides it would not work, we are sure that those targeted by the dogs would soon start using poison baits. LINK

The Trust notes that Aboriginal people in the NT have always been on the outer, separate, marginalised so it is not surprising that many disengaged young Aboriginal people do not play by mainstream society’s rules. Yeh, they do not care and prison is considered to be a hotel, a criminal record is meaningless when it is their norm.


Let’s Surf The NT Crime Wave

We feel it in our fingers
We feel it our toes
Crime is all around us
And so the feeling grows

A Feeling Of Anger

Against our useless politicians in the Northern Territory who spend their entire careers engaging in political correctness and self-censorship.


The Elephant in the Room - Immigrant Spirit GmbH

Perhaps you should use the ballot box and ditch both the CLP and Labor Parties!