Phillips, Hammett And Anstess Just Stooges

In reading Phillips & Ors v Chief Health Officer & Anor [2021] NTSC 97 (Phillips) we have noted that Ray Phillips, Conan Hammett and John Anstess are just stooges of United NT Business.

In paragraph 13 of Phillips the defendants (the NT Government) noted that on the 13th of October 2021 it was announced that vaccinations would be mandatory yet it took the plaintiffs almost two months before they commenced proceedings. The three plaintiffs in Phillips could never have afforded to commence proceedings were it not United NT Business, hence why we call the plaintiffs stooges.

Phillips brings into question so-called special measures arrangements in relation to Aboriginals in the Northern Territory. In paragraph 22 of Phillips there is a mention of a ‘special measure’ made for the benefit of Aboriginal people. Should the plaintiffs at a later date receive a positive judgement in this matter it be the end of special measures in all matters related to Aboriginals in the Northern Territory including government employment.

The Trust has only one message for the three stooges, go and get vaccinated and stop wasting everyone’s time. As for United NT Business (the CLP by proxy) the vaccination mandate serves as a vehicle to get some headlines.

Three Stooges Film Fest — The Newtown Theatre


Justice Brownhill Should Have Told Idiots To Get Vaccinated!

Talk about wasting court time. Just go and get vaccinated.

Some employers could argue that employees who refuse vaccination are bringing their business into disrepute.

We have noted that Coles, Buslink and the Power and Water Corporation have been named.

Three employees who refuse vaccination. Lucky they are not up before the likes of Judge Roland Freisler. 

BDR ID Address Question Targets Blacks

The Trust has received a number of requests for us to publish a post about the Banned Drinker Register. It seems that many black territorians are being asked for their address when purchasing alcohol as the identification they are using does not have their address (e.g. Working With Children Card). Nothing wrong so far. However some shopkeepers are only asking black customers for their address. White customers with the exact same form of identification are not being asked for their address.

Shops named include Coles, Woolworths as well as a number of small shops in Darwin and Palmerston. The Trust urges anyone who feels they have been discriminated against when purchasing alcohol in the NT to lodge a complaint with the shop and the NT Health Department. Do not hesitate to contact the NT Anti-Discrimination Commission.

Racial Stereotyping Territory

A New Definition Of Top Shelf In The NT

Forget about  Bruichladdich or Lagavulin whiskey, the NT has a slightly different definition of top shelf. In most countries top shelf drinks are usually the high priced bottles of spirits. Not so in the NT. It is spray deodorant, aftershave, mouthwash and cooking essences.


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We have not even mentioned the NT’s Top Shelf hard stuff yet, forget the supermarket and get into those auto supply shops, nothing better than starter spray. Great for those cold mornings when your engine will not start!


Note: We do not imply in any way that the products shown are harmful when used as intended. We do not encourage misuse of any of the products shown.

Sky News Cunningham At It Again

Matt Cunningham is at it again! Cunningham’s opinion piece Why you should pay for news in the NT News gives us reasons why we should pay for news and that is great. But the NT News is publishing court lists and advertising plastic landfill on the front page from Coles and Woolworths. Great news!

Court lists are public information and easily accessed online for free. Court lists are not journalism Mr Cunningham. We would have thought that Jack Long’s funeral would have had the full front page. But plastic landfill from the fresh food people, really!