Crazy Conspiracy Theories?

Chinese Lebensraum

The Chinese have already demonstrated their desire for living space by creating artificial islands in the South China Sea. What if the Chinese wanted to take over most of a continent? How could it be done? We see a light bulb has just gone on in your head! Yes a biological tool that weeds out certain races, a virus. Were the Chinese working on such a virus in Wuhan? Is the current pandemic the fall out from an escaped virus that was created as part of the Chinese Lebensraum Program?

We at The Trust did not make all this up. You can go to this LINK.

It is not only about COVID here is another angle on Chinese Lebensraum LINK.

Remember keep an open mind.


Have the Chinese been using Uyghurs as lab rats?


What is a Uyghur when there is money to be had!

Querdenken, Samuel Eckert And Conspiracy Theories

During the current COVID-19 pandemic Germany has seen the rise of so-called lateral thinking (querdenken) much of which is simply conspiracy theories. Notable among the conspiracy theorists is Samuel Eckert. Eckert recruits minors to peddle his whacky theories. Be it a pandemic, economic depression or war, the lunatic fringe of both the left and right will emerge from under their rock with plans to save the world.