The NT Government’s Finest Hour!

Talk about the joke jurisdiction! As ever NTG is all over the place.

ABC reports about potential legal action by NTG then a sudden u-turn making an apology suggests the left hand and right are not communicating. Paul Kirby, Natasha Fyles and the Solicitor for the NT are all over the place, a total joke.

As for the leak, we wonder if it was a strategic leak by the government or from a public servant with a CLP bent? And why not leaked to the NT Independent?


Paul Kirby

Natasha Fyles


The NT Government Conspiracy

The Trust has told readers so many times the NT Government is corrupt. Now we have further evidence to support our claim. More police arrested this time for allegedly perverting the course of justice and misusing records. This is just the tip of the dodgy NTG iceberg of corruption.

Just think about all things that are happening in NTG and the perpetrators do not get caught.

The NT has a corruption culture where people with power think they can do as they like.

Next! Gunner Times Exit As Chief Minister With Federal Election

Michael Gunner timed his exit as Chief Minister during the federal election no doubt because public attention is elsewhere. We are guessing Gunner will retire from politics at the end of the 14th Assembly.

As we have previously stated we believe that the former Chief Minister will become a consultant with a lobbyist firm. We could be wrong though.

Michael Gunner mulls Northern Territory-wide coronavirus quarantine plan

Who will now lead Dysfunction Australia?

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Will anything change? We doubt it!

The Question Everyone In The Northern Territory Is Afraid To Ask

With political correctness silencing most people in the Northern Territory it is up to The Trust to ask the really sensitive questions. No doubt many do-gooders in the NT will go into a fit of rage when they read this.

Our question is this “why is there an Aboriginal crime wave in the Northern Territory?”. This is a legitimate question backed by evidence. Just check the court lists and incarceration statistics.

The Gunner Government has failed on nearly every metric for Aboriginals.

What Is The Rolfe Matter Going To Cost?

The Police Commissioner and the Chief Minister should be made to pay for the extra expense they have caused. Chalker and Gunner are not getting value for money with their decisions!

We would sack both of them after placing them on every trivial breach of policy, regulations and legislation we could find. Yes we would do unto them as they do unto others in subordinate positions.

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