The High And Mighty – How They Fall From Grace! Ben Roberts-Smith Defamation 101

It is now abundantly apparent that Ben Roberts-Smith was either ill-advised or just plain pigheaded in regard to his action in defamation. One day a “saint” the next a sinner.

According to the BBC Roberts-Smith is a “liar and bully”.

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Roberts-Smith is a perfect example of what is so common in Australia, the lauded individual extolled as a veritable saint who in reality is a liar and bully.

The Northern Territory Public Service is riddled with such people of the Roberts-Smith ilk. Perhaps you have encountered some of them. But it is not only the NTPS that has these individuals, the NT Legislative Assembly is also full to the brim with them.

My Job Was “JAQed” And “JESed” Special Measures Kicked In And I Was Displaced In THE NTPS

Unbelievable? Yes we thought so as well until we investigated.

We have been reliably informed that a manager in an NT Government agency stated that ” I cannot have your job evaluated to a higher level because you will not win the position due to special measures”. Talk about making assumptions in regard to selection panels.

What is the NT Government doing about this situation?

Do you vote? Do not vote for politicians who support these policies. Thus do not vote Labor or CLP.

Are You Ready For The “Animals” That Come Out At Day and Night In The NT?

You are not safe in your own home in the NT. 

Are you ready for your home to be invaded by the “animals” running amok in the NT?

Pick Handle

Pick Handle

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We do not support vigilante action. We pay our respects to vigilantes past and present. Always ensure that you “smoke” pick handles, baseball bats and machetes before using them.