The Cult Of Cover-Up

Just read the recent news about Brain Houston the founder of the cult Hillsong. It is alleged that Brain Houston did a cover-up regarding his paedophile father Frank Houston.

The case of Houston is just an example, the tip of a massive cult of cover-up in Australia.

There are Australians who will cover-up wrong doing to help their mates and themselves.

How many times have you heard “he’s a great guy” or “I’ve know her for years” only for it to be revealed they are totally dodgy.



Rolfe Case Highlights Dysfunction In Remote NT Communities

The current case of R v Zachary Rolfe highlights the dysfunction in remote Northern Territory communities.

It is not uncommon for people to be wielding axes, stabbing with knives and using broken bottles to “glass” in many remote NT communities.

We doubt anything will ever change. With passive welfare, do-gooders, social engineering and political correctness there can never be change.

Howard made NT 'worse' | The Advertiser

ICAC Review – Will Government Departments Have Carte Blanche To Cover-Up?

One of the main reasons why there were calls for an ICAC in the first place was to provide a set of fresh eyes to observe the murky goings on of NT Government agencies. Now it looks like the ICAC Review is pointing to a return of the cover-up culture that has abounded in the NT Government. Sure there might be an ICAC but it will be turning a blind eye to much of what goes on in government agencies.

Ken Fleming was the fool with the microphone in Alice Springs. Now we can see that Michael Riches will be little more than a desk mascot.

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