We Never Elected The Chief Health Officer!

It all sounds like 23 March 1933 in Berlin when Hitler enacted the Enabling Act. On the 23rd of March 2022 in Darwin Michael Gunner is doing similar things.

The only thing missing are Labor Party thugs to prevent politicians from other political parties attending parliament.

Portrait of Adolf Hitler.

We will compare the NT Government with Nazi Germany. Complacency allowed the Nazis to get a foot hold in the first place.

I'm not to blame for NT political circus, says Michael Gunner

Electors of the Northern Territory go and complain at the office of your local member of the NT Parliament.

Have Health Workers Been Spreading COVID At RDH?

Does Frank Daly know what chaos the NT Health system is in? In the latest report we have received it seems that COVID is being spread in RDH by the movements of health workers between wards. We are reliably informed that there are no policies and protocols, to put simply, “no one knows what they are doing”.

More COVID chaos in the NT!

Royal Darwin Hospital: patients waiting 12 hours for beds ...

The sign says it all, emergency!


COVID is so yesterday. It is amazing what a war can do for a pandemic! Perhaps our politicians have been focusing too much on the pandemic and the effect that deaths have on their chances at the next poll.

Meanwhile the Chinese are slowly bit by bit increasing their influence in the region. A Chinese take over rather than a Chines takeaway. Australians are more concerned about the price of coffee, smokes and grog. Why? Most Australians have their heads up their arse when it comes to the world. Talk about the Hayseeds.

40,000 Years of Dreaming A Century of Australian Cinema

Strewth, there are other countries and people besides Australia!

COVID Deaths In NT

Dodgy statistics and lies are very common forms of communication from the Northern Territory Government.

Consider a person who drives their car directly at a tree due to a tyre blowout and as a result dies. They were also positive for COVID, had a severe cough and were going to see a medical doctor. A COVID death?

Consider a person with multiple health issues that include kidney failure, rheumatic heart disease, scabies and diseased teeth. They are positive for COVID, had no symptoms and die in bed at home. A COVID death?

There is no need to waste more tax payer money on any investigations of COVID related deaths in the Northern Territory.

Take a reality check and realise that diseases kill. Then consider the need to be vaccinated rather than listening to lunatics from the USA and home grown attention seekers such as David Cole.

Sask. residents who got AstraZeneca vaccine as first doses ...

Australia World COVID Joke Jurisdiction

With talk of calls for a COVID death royal commission it can be seen that Australia and Australians are becoming a world joke. The fact is people die of the disease called COVID. If your 90 year old granny dies of COVID it might be sad but it is reality.

There is absolutely no need for any COVID royal commissions.

As for Aboriginals and COVID, no surprises there at comorbidity central. Once again no need for any investigations or royal commissions because the solutions have been known for decades.

Then we come to some whinging about COVID at the Nightcliff renal clinic. The Trust has to wonder why that clinic underwent a substantial renovation and remained in that small site in Nightcliff given the growing numbers of renal patients? Oh yes it is located in the electorate held by the Health Minister.

The renal clinic at Nightcliff has had continual problems prior to the pandemic of renal patients missing dialysis so nothing much is new.

Our conclusions are that COVID can kill you, getting vaccinated reduces the risk of death and Aboriginal housing has not been addressed by all levels of government. As for choices about seeking medical treatment those are matters for the individual.

No Need For Lockdowns?

Unless there is another more virulent strain of COVID-19 on the horizon then there should be no need for lockdowns. The good people of the Northern Territory who got vaccinated did the right thing, and whilst vaccination does not necessarily stop you from contracting COVID it could save your life. Sure there will be some deaths, most not of healthy people but those with a host of other ailments.