Alcohol Lubricates Dysfunction – Time For Social Credit

Social Credit Scheme Needed In Alice Springs

A social credit system could be used to reduce crime in Alice Springs by using data and algorithms to monitor and track individuals with a history of criminal behavior, and by denying them access to certain services or opportunities. The system could also be used to identify individuals who are at a high risk of committing crimes, and to develop targeted interventions to address the underlying issues that contribute to criminal behavior. Additionally, the system could be used to monitor the behavior of individuals in the community, and to develop strategies to disrupt criminal activity.

The Chinese could teach Australia a thing or two about managing anti-socials.

Crime Wave Hitting Battlers With Increased Insurance Premiums

The Northern Territory crime wave is hitting ordinary territorians very hard. Insurance premiums keep going up. One driver of insurance premium increases is the current crime wave. The government allows the situation of dysfunction, does nothing about it and you pay for it directly and indirectly.


Dangerous Dog Numbers Increase In NT Due To Crime Wave

It will not be very long before some innocent individual is mauled by dangerous dogs. Numbers of dangerous dogs in the NT is increasing in response to the current crime wave. 

Problem is that these dogs do not know a criminal from a toddler.

Laws relating to the use of dangerous dogs need a thorough review. Dog owners must be held to account. Sorry does not cut it.

Rules of the Jungle: Avoiding dangerous dogs