NT Businesses Sinking Under Labor’s Crime Wave

The Elephant in the Room: A critical inquiry into Appreciative Inquiry ...

Natasha Fyles and her gang pretend it does not exist. Anthony Albanese wants you to vote YES for a VOICE.

We say the NT has a crime wave and statistics show Aboriginal people are committing most crimes. Forget the VOICE, vote NO.

The NT Government must come up with alternative solutions to end the crime wave. The NT is sinking.

Boarding School Yet Another Institutional Answer To The Woes Of The Aboriginal In The NT

Back to the future with Marion Scrymgour and Gavin Morris.

May as well put Aboriginal people in the NT back on rations and starve them when their kids are not at school. Give them some tobacco and grog when they behave.

Why are we back at the idea of a boarding school? Because nothing else appears to be working.

The best idea would to have the boarding school in Tasmania with no family visits allowed.

Should Politicians Support Convicted Criminals?

It is generally considered inappropriate for politicians to support individuals who have been convicted of serious crimes such as rape. Doing so can be seen as condoning such behavior and can harm the politician’s reputation and credibility. Additionally, supporting a convicted rapist can be offensive and hurtful to the victim and their family. It is important for politicians to consider the impact of their actions and statements on all members of their community, including victims of crimes such as rape.

The Dead Family Society

Yes you read it correctly, we are not discussing the Dead Poets Society but the Dead Family Society.

When you are alive you can be bashed, raped, glassed or even murdered by your mob. Heh, but you die then you are really somebody. Everyone is going to really cry for you, roll around in the dirt. Your mob will really look after you when you are dead.

Can I Sue A Shopping Centre?

Thanks to Jenny from Berrimah for your question about dangerous shopping centres. The answer is a big yes.

We previously had a post about the Karama shopping centre. LINK

The shopping centres have a duty of care to those who shop there. Karama shopping is well known for anti-social behaviour and crime. Therefore the centre owners should have appropriate levels of security.