Ken Fleming’s Legacy – Did He Wreck The NT ICAC?

Did Ken Fleming wreck the NT’s ICAC? The actions of current ICAC Commissioner Michael Riches would appear to bring into question how Ken Fleming was running ICAC.

We believe that Fleming was after something big, he had to get a big ticket corruption case. We said this so many times in previous posts.

KEN something Big

We also believe that Fleming scared off many whistleblowers who had genuine information regarding corruption so he could go after something big. We know of one case where it appears Fleming threatened a whistleblower with legal action.

Did Fleming actually know what was going on? Was he actually running the ICAC?

The Muddle-Headed Wombat, biking | Book illustration, Illustration, Wombat

Talk about the Muddle-Headed Wombat!

Corrupt NT – Everything We Tell You Is True

The Trust has been telling the good people of the Northern Territory that something is very rotten about the NT Government. Perhaps you do not believe us! Here are just a few of the rotten things:

  • The disappearing Chief Minister
  • The Darwin Turf Club grandstand
  • Travel rorts
  • ICAC Ken Fleming (we almost typed clown!)
  • Workplace bullying, intimidation, discrimination
  • Telling lies, cover-ups
  • Crime waves
  • Not getting value for money
  • Nepotism
  • Lobbyists running amok

The list goes on and on………………… .

The Northern Territory is going backwards.

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ICAC 1 Moriarty 0

Moriarty v Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (NT) [2022] NTSC 21

Damien Moriarty did not convince Justice Kelly of the Northern Territory Supreme Court to adjourn a matter set for trial for three days beginning on the 30th of March 2022.

It would appear that Moriarty wanted embark on a “fishing expedition” into ICAC and sought extra time to do so.

Moriarty has an application before Justice Kelly tomorrow (25th March 2022).

Ho Ho From Lobbyists

Laughing all the way, that is what lobbyists and the the recipients of their largesse are doing. Popular short term direct gifts from lobbyists include food, drink, travel and entertainment, all things that leave little trace. The use of foreign bank accounts, companies and trusts opens the possibilities for serious gift giving.  In return lobbyists can expect things like approvals, concessions and grants. It is jingle all the way.

Public Events | Corporate Christmas Party | Gather on Broadway

Even better for both the lobbyists and their publically employed recipients is that the NT’s ICAC Commissioner is not interested in their activities, his main interest is in the end of the pandemic so that he can be a fly in fly out commissioner. He will probably only complain if he is not invited to the corporate marquee.

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Corruption Getting Worse Under Gunner Government

Michael Gunner is eroding public confidence in government. It would appear that Mr Gunner wants a weak ICAC. The Darwin Turf Club matter must have rattled Mr Gunner given his close confidant Alf Leonardi has been implicated. Gunner’s response is to dismantle ICAC and starve it of funding.

Commissioner Riches probably sees the writing on the wall!

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner - ABC News (Australian ...

Michael Gunner: Greg, I want a strong looking ICAC that in reality can do very little. No more f**king turf clubs!