No More Spears, Axes, Tomahawks, Knives and Broken Bottles In Communities!

Who would go unarmed into a place where it is highly likely than some drug crazed maniac will attack you with a weapon?

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Michael Gunner would have the police with pop guns.

Welcome to Dysfunction Australia. A great place to leave. The place that does the same old dumb things to get the same old results.

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R v Rolfe A Territory Divided?

There will be individuals who view R v Rolfe as a black lives matter crusade, we disagree. All lives matter.

At the heart of the matter is the deliberate avoidance by our politicians from all political persuasions to the fact that the majority of NT Aboriginal communities are dysfunctional. Our political representatives pretend that everything is wonderful in what can only be described as “hell-holes”.

I'm not to blame for NT political circus, says Michael Gunner

“I grew up in Tennant Creek but kept well away from the town camps.”