The Debate About Cocaine

Is former NT Young Labor President Harvie Stiller a fit and proper person to be involved in debating activities with NT secondary school children? LINK

According to a source within the NT Education Department Stiller was involved with a debating activity at Darwin High School about a week ago.

Another source stated that Stiller was “F**king weird, he just stares”.

A teacher who did not wish to be named was surprised that Stiller was involved in such activities given his recent record.

Teacher Recruitment and Retention Issues Not Surprising

One member of The Trust burst out laughing when she read a snippet about CDU student teachers being used to fill teaching positions in NT Government schools.

Given that the NT Education Department generally treats teachers so badly it is hardly surprising that there is a shortage of teachers.

We would not be surprised if the NT Government was looking for Indian teachers to recruit!

In Kerala, 250 Teachers Working without Pay for Six Years

Welcome to Dysfunction Australia!

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Set Up A School Supply Business Down South

Get an ABN, buy a shelf company and register a great sounding business name. What a great start to enter the world of nepotistic trading in territory. This business model works on having relatives in the right places in the NT. Like a cousin, mum or dad who is a school principal preferably in some forgotten corner of the NT.

Just think of the mark up opportunities!

Just think of the phantom supplies!

Just think of the money!

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The Human Write-Offs Of The NT

And so we chuck another human being on the scrapheap, yes we write them off like a crashed car. Hopefully they will crawl away into obscurity even better still die. Problem solved!

Here is a de-identified extract from some sentencing remarks from 2021 in the NT.

While s/he was enrolled at many schools across the Top End, s/he rarely attended. S/He cannot read and write and her/his grasp of English is poor, mostly learned from other prisoners. The offender has never been gainfully employed.

Seems the attendance programs really worked for this young person. They really engaged! Congratulations to Karen Weston and Tony Considine.









Perhaps of our readers are now understanding why corruption in schools is no laughing matter.

Kickbacks In NT Schools

The ICAC report on the former Principal of the Milingimbi school shows how easy it is to engage in corrupt conduct in a remote NT school. What about kickbacks in procurement processes? Yes negotiated bribery for the selection of a certain supplier. The bribe does not have to be in cash but in the form of goods.

It would be very interesting to examine where schools are purchasing from? Is value for money the driving motive? Are some schools using obscure interstate suppliers operated by friends and family?

Whilst the Education Department might like to pretend that corruption is not occurring in their schools, The Trust believes that corruption can flourish.


New Principal At Katherine High Talks Big But Cannot Get The Basics Correct

Seems that that the new Principal of Katherine High School is yet another “hot air balloon”. We just read his promotional blurb in the NT News. Talk about wind and water.


It looks like Nick Lovering does not even know his own name or he simply could not be bothered correctly updating the website of his school. Sorry Nick you cannot blame the office staff or use the old administrative oversight excuse. The buck stops with you.

The Principal’s Welcome has simply had a new image inserted but the text is the same, with the previous principal’s name left. Talk about copying other kid’s homework!


Seems Nick is also known as Sharon Oldfield? We thought for historical purposes it was fitting to have this page archived on the WayBackMachine.


Restoring Community Pride Starts With Being On Top Of The Basics. Nick gets a score of 0 out of 10 in terms of not being thorough and methodical. Looks like amateur hour at Katherine High.