Set Up A School Supply Business Down South

Get an ABN, buy a shelf company and register a great sounding business name. What a great start to enter the world of nepotistic trading in territory. This business model works on having relatives in the right places in the NT. Like a cousin, mum or dad who is a school principal preferably in some forgotten corner of the NT.

Just think of the mark up opportunities!

Just think of the phantom supplies!

Just think of the money!

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How Many Disengaged Students Did Alf Leonardi Help?

It is something of an irony to read that Alf Leonardi creates a link between the Darwin Turf Club grandstand “rort” and the Milingimbi School “ripoff”. After leaving his master Michael Gunner’s Chief Ministers Department Leonardi returned to his old stomping ground in the Education Department. According to a newsletter titled EngageMeNT – Issue 2 Tony’s Message it is stated that Alf Leonardi was leading a team to engage indigenous students and get them back at school. LINK 1

It must have been a bit of a let down for Leonardi after being such a “high flyer” in the Chief Ministers Department, talk about a fall from grace. But we guess Alf had to put his favourite wine and foie gras on the table.

Leonardi getting kids to school? Doubt it! Perhaps he used some of the alleged methods of former Milingimbi Principal Jennifer Lea Sherrington to massage the attendance figures? Just sayin.


Alf Leonardi Would Not Know A Disengaged Kid From His Arse!


Alf Leonardi Would Not Know A Disengaged Kid From His Arse!

Gunner Hijacked

Michael Gunner was recently hijacked. During a staged press conference at Karama Shopping Centre Gunner had to retreat to his car and speed off when June Mills hijacked the proceedings. This technique works well when you have advance notice of where our politicians will be.

Hijacking a Press Conference

Great move by June Mills. Congratulations.

See NT NEWS story




“Are you insane?”

Chief Minister Michael Gunner cops a spray from Larrakia woman June Mills

NT News 24/10/2018

CHIEF Minister Michael Gunner faced a hostile reception at a press conference in Karama this afternoon.

Mr Gunner was at the Karama shops with local member Ngaree Ah Kit and Larrakia Nation boss Robert Cooper to promote his Government’s new plan to target anti-social behaviour.

But the press conference was gatecrashed by Larrakia elder June Mills, who gave the Chief Minister a lengthy spray about law and order, fracking and grog policy.

Ms Mills said the Gunner Government’s policy of putting cops on bottlos was a “continued criminalisation” of Aboriginal people.

Mr Gunner took the bollocking from Ms Mills quietly until he was ushered into a waiting car and driven off.