Let’s Surf The NT Crime Wave

We feel it in our fingers
We feel it our toes
Crime is all around us
And so the feeling grows

A Feeling Of Anger

Against our useless politicians in the Northern Territory who spend their entire careers engaging in political correctness and self-censorship.


The Elephant in the Room - Immigrant Spirit GmbH

Perhaps you should use the ballot box and ditch both the CLP and Labor Parties!

On The Buses

Public bus safety has been a joke in the NT for decades. Image a security system that does not involve the security officers actually being on buses but rather using vehicles always. Ever heard of deterrence? As ever in the NT someone has to be seriously injured before anything is done.


The NT Meets The Omega Man

As the sun sets on the Northern Territory “the zombies” come out to play. Nothing is safe and the NT now resembles that 1971 motion picture The Omega Man. What might be apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction is reality in the NT.

The Omega Man - IFC Center

If I’m not raping your house I’m burning your car and there is nothing you can do about it. A few dogs will not stop us. We are “gunna” burn you out!

Review: The Omega Man (1971) - scumcinema

Welcome to Alice Awakenings a new NT Government program in Alice Springs where your home is invaded and you are woken to find 5 young thugs in your bedroom. The government is rolling similar initiatives across the territory.

Is Your Local Member Making Excuses For Criminals?

Are you sick and tired of the excuses given by NT politicians when it comes to crime?

Time to take a reality check. Yes, time to tell the truth.

While your business and home is being trashed, most NT politicians are talking about generational trauma and a lot of other bullshit.

Sick of what your local member is not doing? Start complaining, get a group of like minded constituents together and picket their office.

Justice Judith Kelly Saying Like It Is On NT Violence

A report from the ABC on comments made by Justice Judith Kelly must have hadĀ  do-gooders and apologists scurrying around like cockroaches doused with insecticide.

Justice Kelly has dared to go where the majority of NT residents fear to, lest they be labelled as racist. LINK

Do you live in fear in the NT? Politicians not listening to you? Why not get together with a group of like-minded individuals and picket a politicians office?

Territorians Living In Fear In Karama And Sanderson Electorates

Great to hear from Stuart, Annie and Brad, three NT locals living in the electorates of Karama and Sanderson. All three have contacted The Trust about crime. Annie calls a spade a spade and states that in her belief Aboriginal youths a the main problem. Seems people have had a gutful of soft policies, bleeding hearts and do-gooders. Brad said bring in the cane. But cane who? Perhaps the politicians need caning?


They need a bit of stick!


Welcome to NTG