Murderer Described As Emerging Leader – We Describe Him As Emerging Animal!

The do-gooder brigade are at it again, describing killers as leaders. We doubt it very much. The Northern Territory is in the grip of a crime wave. This crime wave is a direct product of our elected clowns like Mark Monaghan and Eva Lawler. If you voted for Mark or Eva then you are even worse than they are. You are the dumbest of the dumb voters in the NT.

Mark Monaghan’s Great Cash Splash – Let The Mug Taxpayers Fork Out

Mark Monaghan has a history of saying “fu*k you I’m OK”. Mark plays by the “Eva Lawler rule book” something he picked when he was employed in the Education Department (then DET). Now Mark is letting his cronies run amok when it comes to spending taxpayer funds. As Mark thinks “let the mugs pick up the tab”!

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Are You Ready For The “Animals” That Come Out At Day and Night In The NT?

You are not safe in your own home in the NT. 

Are you ready for your home to be invaded by the “animals” running amok in the NT?

Pick Handle

Pick Handle

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Baseball bat beating women arrested by U.S. Marshalls |

Baseball Bat

I rape your car c*nt.





We do not support vigilante action. We pay our respects to vigilantes past and present. Always ensure that you “smoke” pick handles, baseball bats and machetes before using them.

No Need For School For A Life On Welfare

Why are attendance rates falling in remote schools?

The schools are delivering education that is totally not fit for purpose.

Why bother showing up for gibberish delivered by a bunch of patronising do-gooder idealists?

No jobs, no career, no nothing but welfare, someone can always fill out the form you. No need for English.

Why bother with school that is absolutely irrelevant?

Eva Lawler has no idea about remote schools.

There is one positive thing, no fake attendance figures. Tell the truth, kids are not at school. So much for breakfast, lunch, attendance officers and all the other wankfest programs.