Time To Close Batchelor Institute – Time To End Educational Apartheid And Corruption

Batchelor Institute should be closed permanently. It would relatively simple to make amendments to the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education Act 1999 (NT) and give all the assets to the Charles Darwin University.

The time for Nugget Coombs era noble savage experiments in educational apartheid to end.

Time to end corruption.

Dodson Should Not Hold Any Public Position – Dodson Wrecks Treaty Prospects!

Mick Dodson has reinforced what those opposed to a treaty already believe. But Dodson is only one part of the issue, the Minister concerned who happens to be Selena “asleep at the wheel” Uibo should have already asked Dodson to resign. Now she should be sacking him!

Dodson appears from news reports to be an over-paid parasite with a load of excuses for what is being reported about him. LINK 1

The Trust questioned Dodson’s appointment in the first place. LINK 2