Time For Action On Crime

"Intense" Stephen King Batman and Robin Story on Podcast ...

Robin: Holy Caz Boys, Batman.

Batman: Robin, criminal scum do not have names.

Robin: Where will we take the next lot of home invaders we detain?

Batman: Robin, it is time to broaden the horizons of these wayward youths,  a private night tour of a crocodile farm is required.

Robin: Batman, Why do the police call their Commissioner Chalker “Superman”?

Batman: Robin, that is because the Commissioner is concentrating on building his superannuation account.

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Gang Warfare

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Will Vigilante Groups Take Matters Into Their Own Hands In The NT?

Robin: Holy anal fistula, Batman.

Batman: Yes Robin we are off to a big box hardware shop and then the supermarket.

Robin: To lube or not to lube that is the question.

Batman: Precisely Boy Wonder.

Warning: Readers should not attempt this at home.

Barbwire Method (when the victim is tied up, a hollow PVC pipe is inserted to the Victim’s anal cavity by using Vaseline cream. When the pipe is 6-8 cm inside the anus a barbwire is put to the anal cavity through the hallow pipe. Then the pipe is slowly taken leaving the barbwire inside the anal cavity. While interrogating the prisoner the tormentor manipulates the barbwire causing enormous pain to the victim). Source

Gunner’s Gangs

We decided to name the gangs of the NT after the Chief Minister, we thought it only fitting! Michael Gunner has failed on crime.

The good people of the NT are having their houses and property trashed. The gangs shit on the dining table, pour left over paint in the washing machine, smash up the bathroom taps and push over the fridge. After doing the house they steal the car and burn it.

If it is not private property then it is schools.

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