The Dead Family Society

Yes you read it correctly, we are not discussing the Dead Poets Society but the Dead Family Society.

When you are alive you can be bashed, raped, glassed or even murdered by your mob. Heh, but you die then you are really somebody. Everyone is going to really cry for you, roll around in the dirt. Your mob will really look after you when you are dead.

Rolfe Case Highlights Dysfunction In Remote NT Communities

The current case of R v Zachary Rolfe highlights the dysfunction in remote Northern Territory communities.

It is not uncommon for people to be wielding axes, stabbing with knives and using broken bottles to “glass” in many remote NT communities.

We doubt anything will ever change. With passive welfare, do-gooders, social engineering and political correctness there can never be change.

Howard made NT 'worse' | The Advertiser

Jamie Chalker Cannot Protect You – He Can Only Pick Up The Pieces

At night time the animals are out just like in Africa. They are just waiting to invade your place. Kiss your smokes, booze and cash goodbye. Perhaps they will take up dump on the dining table just before they trash the fridge, put paint in the washing machine and generally wreck your place. Spare car, keys at home? Looks like that car will be found burnt out. Lucky you were out otherwise you could be bashed, raped or more.

The do-gooders will tell you it is generational trauma. Others will tell you it is a lead deficiency. Either way it don’t matter coz the crims do not give a flying f**k. Are you ready to face the animals smashing in?

Axe / Bloody Axe - TS3