BDR ID Address Question Targets Blacks

The Trust has received a number of requests for us to publish a post about the Banned Drinker Register. It seems that many black territorians are being asked for their address when purchasing alcohol as the identification they are using does not have their address (e.g. Working With Children Card). Nothing wrong so far. However some shopkeepers are only asking black customers for their address. White customers with the exact same form of identification are not being asked for their address.

Shops named include Coles, Woolworths as well as a number of small shops in Darwin and Palmerston. The Trust urges anyone who feels they have been discriminated against when purchasing alcohol in the NT to lodge a complaint with the shop and the NT Health Department. Do not hesitate to contact the NT Anti-Discrimination Commission.

Racial Stereotyping Territory

Gunner Hijacked

Michael Gunner was recently hijacked. During a staged press conference at Karama Shopping Centre Gunner had to retreat to his car and speed off when June Mills hijacked the proceedings. This technique works well when you have advance notice of where our politicians will be.

Hijacking a Press Conference

Great move by June Mills. Congratulations.

See NT NEWS story




“Are you insane?”

Chief Minister Michael Gunner cops a spray from Larrakia woman June Mills

NT News 24/10/2018

CHIEF Minister Michael Gunner faced a hostile reception at a press conference in Karama this afternoon.

Mr Gunner was at the Karama shops with local member Ngaree Ah Kit and Larrakia Nation boss Robert Cooper to promote his Government’s new plan to target anti-social behaviour.

But the press conference was gatecrashed by Larrakia elder June Mills, who gave the Chief Minister a lengthy spray about law and order, fracking and grog policy.

Ms Mills said the Gunner Government’s policy of putting cops on bottlos was a “continued criminalisation” of Aboriginal people.

Mr Gunner took the bollocking from Ms Mills quietly until he was ushered into a waiting car and driven off.



The Road To Nowhere

Welcome fellow travelers. We are known as the Trust. A group of like-minded individuals who are just plain sick of what is going on in the Northern Territory of Australia.

We are out to uncover those vested interests that keep the status quo. We want to rock the boat and hopefully drown a few of the bastards who keep the NT down in the mire.

Poor planning, ad hoc decision making, corruption, incompetence, nepotism and dead wood are some of the targets of the Trust. We are always watching and have been for some years. Yes we have been successful in fouling some of the fiddles that certain people have been engaged in.

Be it a board, individual or dodgy tenderer then we will be after you and will expose you.

Parliament House Chamber

The members of this chamber, their friends and associates  are within our microscope. You are always in our thoughts and we want everyone to keep you honest.