Hospitals Hushing Up Violent Incidents Everyday In The NT

We are sick of do-gooders saying that “inter-generational trauma” causes crime in the NT. Do-gooders keep making excuses for criminals.

Discharge Officer X tells us that hospital staff are subjected to violence everyday and that staff are “discouraged” from reporting it. Do-gooders among health staff also add the to the issue.

Yet another Fyles Fail.

We Come Darwin Got No Money – Go To RDH

Patient travel rorts costing the NT millions as Natasha Fyles does nothing to stop it.

People who are not sick travel to Darwin and run out of money. They go to RDH where they are given Health Department funded travel back home. What a corrupt rort when everyone else has to pay for themselves.

Fyles does nothing about health travel rorts!

Thanks to “Discharge Planner X” for this snippit of juicy information. According to “X” hospital beds are clogged up with people who are not actually sick but without money or a home in Darwin. “X” claims the Health Department is complaining about budget blowouts but will not do anything about the rorts, Warning Elephant in the Room!

Meaning Of Elephant In The Room - mtndesignz

This Health Department Executive would eat shit if he was told to!

Fyles Fails To Rein In Health Spending Blow Out

The health system in the Northern Territory is literally hemorrhaging money. Figures include at least a five million overspend.

We have been reliably informed that some idiot even suggested in a Health Department meeting that liaison officers be employed for the lifts at RDH. They allegedly said “many people cannot work the lifts and need help”.

According to a survey conducted among itinerants (longrassers) in Darwin, many had been transported to Darwin by the Health Department.


Discharge Planner Claims Health Department Paying For Patient Trips That Are Not Health Related

Our source tells us that the Health Department is paying to transport patients to and from private functions that are nothing to do with health.

It seems that “wasters” in the Health Department are authorising such trips against existing policies. Where is the value for money in this? Yet more mismanagement silenced by political correctness.

If you see government “wasters” contact us today.


Australia World COVID Joke Jurisdiction

With talk of calls for a COVID death royal commission it can be seen that Australia and Australians are becoming a world joke. The fact is people die of the disease called COVID. If your 90 year old granny dies of COVID it might be sad but it is reality.

There is absolutely no need for any COVID royal commissions.

As for Aboriginals and COVID, no surprises there at comorbidity central. Once again no need for any investigations or royal commissions because the solutions have been known for decades.

Then we come to some whinging about COVID at the Nightcliff renal clinic. The Trust has to wonder why that clinic underwent a substantial renovation and remained in that small site in Nightcliff given the growing numbers of renal patients? Oh yes it is located in the electorate held by the Health Minister.

The renal clinic at Nightcliff has had continual problems prior to the pandemic of renal patients missing dialysis so nothing much is new.

Our conclusions are that COVID can kill you, getting vaccinated reduces the risk of death and Aboriginal housing has not been addressed by all levels of government. As for choices about seeking medical treatment those are matters for the individual.