Are You Being Watched By ASIO Or ASIS?

We say let them watch.

Who knows what these murky organisations are doing.

False flag attacks from so-called terrorists who have been monitored for months and allowed to do minimal damage in order to convince the politicians greater security powers are needed?

Do we need a Gleiwitz incident?

Are the Chinese funding organisations that can launch pro-China candidates in elections? No doubt Chinese funding would be attractive to some!

We won't interfere in Zim: Chinese envoy - The Standard

Are the Indians seeking to gain greater influence in Australia?

Cyclone Nivar: PM Modi Speaks to Tamil Nadu CM, Announces ...

The Establishment’s Status Quo

Australia needs urgent reform. The Titanic on steroids and there are no deckchairs to rearrange. Australia is a whopping disaster waiting to happen.

Last week the great unwashed were paying homage to Harry and Meghan in one of  their spin doctored royal trips, it could have been George Clooney Do we really need to have “Royalty”? India has been doing pretty good since they ditched King George VI on the 26th of January 1950.


It suits the establishment to have royalty, Tony Abbott giving out knighthoods so that we can bow and scrape to some old ex general. What a joke. About time Australia grew up and became a republic.

No not the republic where we swap the Governor General for an appointed President. We need to go the whole hog and have an Elected President to be the executive.

Elected positions in the public service could enhance the accountability and transparency of government departments. Why not elect the Police Commissioner?

Get over the cultural cringe. Time to move on and say goodbye to Britain and realise Australia is located near Indonesia.