The NT Meets The Omega Man

As the sun sets on the Northern Territory “the zombies” come out to play. Nothing is safe and the NT now resembles that 1971 motion picture The Omega Man. What might be apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction is reality in the NT.

The Omega Man - IFC Center

If I’m not raping your house I’m burning your car and there is nothing you can do about it. A few dogs will not stop us. We are “gunna” burn you out!

Review: The Omega Man (1971) - scumcinema

Welcome to Alice Awakenings a new NT Government program in Alice Springs where your home is invaded and you are woken to find 5 young thugs in your bedroom. The government is rolling similar initiatives across the territory.

Citizens On Patrol

It would seem that NT citizens are prepared to deal with crime themselves. The police have failed to quell the crime rampage and now private citizens are talking tough.

We can only guess at what could happen in the coming months if crime continues to rise.

These are just three scenarios. (We are not suggesting that anyone do these things.)

  • Desert drop off, dumped 100 km from town in the middle of the night
  • Swimming in the Adelaide River
  • Visiting Peter Falconio

Racists Texts The Norm For NT

We would be shocked if the NT Police were not sending racist texts. Racism and misogyny seem to be the norm.

These texts are a symptom to some extent of the continual crime problem in the NT. The police constantly are dealing with the same criminals doing the same thing day after day. Eventually racial stereotyping comes into play.

Note: We do not endorse the sending of racist or misogynistic texts.