Dirty Deeds Are Not Done Dirt Cheap In The NT

There will be a few “Dirty Deeds” coming up for the taxpayer in the NT. The deeds we refer to will cost a lot and will be very secret. Oh and mug taxpayer’s money will be used to cover the cost.

Here are just a couple coming up.

Jamie Chalker will be looking for his deed and so will Colleen Gwynne.

Natasha Fyles flop government will be forking out at your expense.

Sign here, take the money and stay shtoom. F*ck the taxpayers!

UPDATE 30th April 2023


Jamie Chalker has received his Dirty Deed. LINK

UPDATE 2nd May 2023

Natasha Fyles LINK

Chalker Does Not Like Receiving What He Hands Out To Others!

Jamie Chalker likes to shaft his subordinates but does not like being shafted himself. We hope that Natasha Fyles does a good job on him. Push him under the bus and reverse over him several times or even better brand him with ROLFE on the forehead, only joking! Tar and feathered more like.

Facts About The Sons of Liberty, The Secret Revolutionary Organization

Chalker should never have been appointed in the first place.

  • Warning: Tar and feathering should only be done under adult supervision.