Public Servants Should Not Have To Leave The NT Because Their Managers Are Corrupt

Comments made by Adam Lampe to the ABC show that hard working honest public servants are being shafted by the Northern Territory Government in favour of those who are corrupt.

We quote from the ABC:

“If you’re a teacher and you’ve got an issue with a principal … generally speaking it’s the teacher that has to move, not the principal.”

He said both of the staff involved in the complaint had since left the school.

One was transferred to a different school in the Territory, and the other left the jurisdiction all together.

He said they were still reeling from the impacts of the ordeal and grappling with the fact that their concerns were dismissed at the time. LINK


We quote directly from a statement from the AEU NT published 6th July 2021.

Serious concerns relating management of Milingimbi School were first brought to the attention of the AEU NT Branch in mid-2017, when two teachers and AEU members employed at the school contacted our office with numerous and detailed complaints about practices within the school. Our members’ allegations were provided in writing and detailed.

AEU senior officers provided these allegations to senior DoE officers in August 2017, who agreed to investigate them. An external investigator was appointed. He visited Milingimbi at least once and produced a report for the Department in November 2017, which, our officers subsequently learned, found that the allegations were not substantiated. This outcome was confirmed to the employees who had made the complaint via letter from a senior departmental officer in December 2017.

DoE senior officers were thus made aware in mid-2017 of numerous concerns regarding this Principal’s conduct, thanks to the intervention of the AEU NT and the courage of our members who made the allegations at considerable professional risk. These two teachers were ostracised within the school at the principal’s behest because she suspected they had contacted the AEU. Their continuing employment there in such a hostile environment was untenable.

None of these comments come as a surprise to The Trust, we know the NT Government script. You can read the whole AEU NT statement at this Link.

The Trust also notes that the AEU NT did not conduct a media campaign at the material time they were contacted by union members with complaints against Jennifer Lea Sherrington, the principal of Milingimbi School at the time. Sadly unions seem to kowtow to the NT Government.

The AEU NT does not even name the principal concerned in the ICAC report. That says a lot about the approach taken by the AEU NT. Weak!



Labor Has Three Years To Clean Up Their Corruption Ridden Government

Michael Gunner has failed on the prevention of corruption. It would not have taken very much to prevent the Darwin Turf Club $12 million dollar grandstand rort and the antics of the ex Milingimbi School Principal. Gunner’s government failed to monitor the use of public monies. Should we be using the term Gunner’s government?cvgh

The Labor government has three years to control corruption.

*The Trust predicts that Michael Gunner will leave politics before the next NT election and will be employed by his corporate cronies.

Labor’s current strategy is shown below.

scared ostrich burying its head in sand concept

Attendance Fraud In NT Schools Not New

Allegations of attendance fraud surfaced some years ago at Shepherdson College on Elcho Island. Now we have the Milingimbi allegations of attendance fraud. With such fraud there are funding implications as well as Centrelink using such data for some payments.

If students are not school then they are not at school. If Aboriginal students do not attend school then the government should determine why they do not attend.

Jennifer Lea Sherrington The Dodgy Ex Milingimbi School Principal

The report regarding the conduct of former school principal at Milingimbi Jennifer Lea Sherrington lists a range of what The Trust calls very dodgy behaviour indeed, The list, yes the list includes:

Nepotism in recruitment

Nepotism in pay levels given

Nepotism in regard to the use of government vehicles

Nepotism n regard to the allocation of government housing

Not recording leave

Frequent absences by the principal of a questionable nature

Improper use of charter flights

Frivolous expenditure of tax-payer money

Misuse of the Milingimbi School canteen and stock held in the canteen

Manipulation of student attendance data

Incorrect recording in staff time sheets

What is Michael Gunner going to do to clean up the NT Government?

NT Education Department Corruption Outlined In ICAC Investigation Into Milingimbi Principal

The conduct of former Milingimbi School Principal Ms Jennifer Lea Sherrington has been found on the balance of probabilities to have been corrupt conduct by ICAC.

The Education Department in the Northern Territory has had major corruption issues in remote schools for decades but has always “turned a blind eye” except when the issues got into the public arena. School principals in remote schools have long operated fiefdoms subject to no scrutiny.

School Councils in remote communities simply do not have the ability to question what school principals are doing.


Karen Weston and Lauren Moss need to make substantial changes to the policies, procedures and culture of the Education Department in the NT.