Sherrington Wins NT 2022 Corruption Award

Back in 1993 president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Juan Antonio Samaranch said “the winner is ……. Sydney”.

In 2022 we are saying that the winner is Jenny Sherrington. What a sad trombone moment for Sherrington. Merry Corruptmas.

Sherrington v Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (NT) & Ors [2022] NTSC 67

Who Will Blink First?

Litigation can be risky business, especially when you are taking on government.

Imagine having all your dirty linen exposed in court! Being absolutely torn to shreds by a barrister for days and then trashed some more by some of the witnesses. Then there is the media pack waiting outside the court to film or photograph you. Your very own Streisand Effect, you sow the wind and you shall reap the whirlwind, it may well seem like it.

However, it may be a case of who blinks first for a nice deed of settlement. Such an idea could be just a daydream as the nightmare of litigation begins to wear you down. Your house is either sold or has a second mortgage and you are scrounging for money in that nest egg super fund. And we have not even got to your relationship, whoops we mean your ex, they had a gutful.

Very Risky Business.

Oh by the way we noted this listing for the 20th of January 2022 in Court 4 of the NTSC.

JS listed

Great to see Ken Fleming getting a mention.

More Legal Action Against ICAC – Hardly Surprising

We have said it before and we say it again, why did ICAC publish reports of alleged corruption without ensuring the courts convicted those named beforehand?

Now it is reported by the NT News that Jenny Sherrington is taking legal action against ICAC, in other words the Northern Territory Government.

Karaoke Ken Fleming, will he end up costing taxpayers millions in legal fees and compensation? No doubt Ken does not give a toss because it is not coming out of his pocket.

Bowden’s Bullshit – Education Department Has Allowed Corruption Before ICAC Existed

Susan Bowden from the Education Department is yet another bureaucrat who utters drivel. Irrespective of ICAC, it would be expected that schools in remote communities would be subject to substantial scrutiny. The students are as ICAC stated, “the poorest cohort of students in the country”. As such a school catering for this cohort should have a microscope on it.

But this is the NT where principals can create their very own remote school cult. We are surprised one of these principals has not used school money for a statue of themselves.

Who was supervising the principal at Milingimbi?

We also know that Milingimbi just happens to be the matter that ICAC had to investigate. There is a whole lot of corruption going on in NT Schools.


Susan Bowden Making Excuses For Corruption.




Perhaps Susan Bowden thinks corruption does not matter in schools where the students are mainly Aboriginals. Maybe she thinks they will all end up in prison anyway. Just sayin.

Teaching In The Terror-try


Seems that many teachers leave the NT feeling that they have been to the “terror-try” (pronounced terror tree). The report made by ICAC regarding the alleged activities of Jennifer Lea Sherrington goes some way to highlight this problem.

Comments made by AEU NT Secretary Adam Lampe indicate that teachers have to “escape” from the “terror-try”. What an experience! North Korea in Australia?

What is Lauren Moss doing about the situation? Probably nothing!


At Least Three Ministers Of The Crown And Three Departmental CEOs Could Not Detect And Stop Corruption

Three separate Ministers of Education and three different Education Department CEOs failed to stop corruption. The Trust asks what is going on inside the NT Government? It seems very little other than “navel-gazing”.


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How Many Disengaged Students Did Alf Leonardi Help?

It is something of an irony to read that Alf Leonardi creates a link between the Darwin Turf Club grandstand “rort” and the Milingimbi School “ripoff”. After leaving his master Michael Gunner’s Chief Ministers Department Leonardi returned to his old stomping ground in the Education Department. According to a newsletter titled EngageMeNT – Issue 2 Tony’s Message it is stated that Alf Leonardi was leading a team to engage indigenous students and get them back at school. LINK 1

It must have been a bit of a let down for Leonardi after being such a “high flyer” in the Chief Ministers Department, talk about a fall from grace. But we guess Alf had to put his favourite wine and foie gras on the table.

Leonardi getting kids to school? Doubt it! Perhaps he used some of the alleged methods of former Milingimbi Principal Jennifer Lea Sherrington to massage the attendance figures? Just sayin.


Alf Leonardi Would Not Know A Disengaged Kid From His Arse!


Alf Leonardi Would Not Know A Disengaged Kid From His Arse!

Remote Schools As Family Firms

The ICAC report into alleged corruption at Milingimbi School suggests that the Education Department has to make a major culture shift. The Education Department has given the principals of remote schools carte blanche, that is full discretionary power.

Many remote school principals have become nothing less than monsters. Principals with a dark paternalistic leadership style filled with nepotism, the need to control, greed, discrimination, opportunism, power, lust, revenge, bullying, vindictiveness and petty spite. An out of sight tyranny in a fiefdom created by the Education Department. Remote schools can be a dark paternalistic fiefdom.

No wonder teachers do not wish to work under such conditions. Who wants to be a serf?