The NT News – A Government Puppy

Bow before me, yes it’s Ming from the Fifth Floor of the Northern Territory Parliament House.


I keep Matt Cunningham and his minions at the NT News on a tight leash. Now and then they can twist a story for our mutual benefit. Such play things who think they are journalists.

The only real journalists in the NT had to be banned, yes the NT Independent. They would not play our little game.

Vaccinate Yourself and Society Against Corruption

The parent who wrote the invitation below is concerned about people spreading diseases to her baby girl. She wants her friends and family vaccinated against diseases.


The Trust wants society vaccinated against corruption, mates rates, nepotism, dirty deals, public officer malfeasance……………

Vaccinate yourself by getting proof and reporting it. Journalists, Courts, ICAC and Freedom of Information are some of your vaccination tools.