Ken Davies Having Youths Kidnapped?

Is Ken Davies PSM overseeing another “stolen generation”? We thought PSM was Public Service Medal but we have been reliably informed that it is actually Puny Simple Mind!

Ken Davies PSM

Youth Thief?

We know from experience that Ken gets very upset when people have a go at him. We hope he gets very upset and retires!

Kate Worden Sings Took The Children Away!

The Northern Territory Government is removing youth offenders and sending them thousands of kilometres away. It is all done in secret.

It might seem a good idea. A quick fix. But it will come back to haunt us all with even more problems.

Will Kate Worden cause a race war in the NT?

Kate Worden named first Prevention of Domestic, Family and Sexual ...

Worden’s Aboriginal Question and her Wannsee Conference solution!

And who is making a profit from all of this?