Corruption Capital To Host Anti-Corruption Conference

According to tender number Q23-0130 the office of the ICAC is seeking the services of a professional conference organiser (PCO) to assist in the planning, management and delivery of APSACC 2024. The Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference (APSACC) 2024 is Australia’s premier biannual corruption prevention forum. The Office of the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) NT will be hosting APSACC from 29-31 July 2024 in Darwin.

Will former Commissioner Ken Fleming be making a guest appearance? Perhaps Ken could jump out of a giant ICAC cake and then break into song.

Commissioner Ken Fleming 'did the right thing' to step down | Sky News ...

NT ICAC Commissioner Having Holiday On Corruption?

Is Michael Riches actually having a tax-payer funded holiday as he pretends to be an ICAC Commissioner? We wonder if Riches actually wants to fight corruption or is more worried about building up his superannuation fund?

Ken Fleming was what we might term a “loose cannon” and now we have Riches the “invisible man”.

Where are the convictions for corruption?

AI Meets ICAC And Sherrington

We ran the ICAC report pertaining to Jenny Sherrington through OpenAI. Here is the result.

The report investigates allegations against the former principal of Milingimbi School, Ms Sherrington, in relation to financial irregularities, fraudulent use of government and school funds, and the falsification of school enrolment and attendance figures. The principal benefited from her position by misapplying Department of Education (DOE) and school council funds, misusing the School Resourcing System, and manipulating attendance figures to inflate funding. The report found that on the balance of probabilities, there was evidence of corrupt conduct under the ICAC Act, as Ms Sherrington failed to comply with good fiscal policy, the Education Act 2015, Education Regulations 2015, PSEMA, and DOE policy. The investigation highlights the need for principals in remote areas to be held accountable for their actions, as significant trust is placed upon them to serve the community.

Sherrington Burning Cash In Bid Against ICAC

Legal fees are not cheap. So Jenny Sherrington must be burning cash as she pursues ICAC in court.

Money Burning Gif images

Honest ineptitude and Ken Fleming and interesting idea.

“Honest ineptitude” is a legal term used to describe a situation where a person’s actions or omissions, while negligent or careless, were not intentionally deceptive or fraudulent. In other words, the person was not deliberately trying to cause harm or commit a wrongdoing, but their incompetence or lack of skill led to negative consequences.

In Australia, the concept of honest ineptitude has been applied in various legal contexts, such as professional negligence claims, breach of contract disputes, and criminal cases. Here are some examples:

  1. Professional negligence: In the case of Rogers v. Whitaker (1992), the High Court of Australia held that a doctor who failed to warn a patient of a known risk associated with a surgical procedure could be liable for negligence, even if the doctor honestly believed that the risk was insignificant. The court recognized that a professional’s lack of knowledge or skill could be a valid defense, but only if the professional had acted in good faith and with a reasonable level of competence.
  2. Breach of contract: In the case of Oceanic Sun Line Special Shipping Company v. Fay (1988), the High Court of Australia held that a shipping company that had failed to deliver goods to a buyer on time could not be liable for breach of contract if the delay was caused by unforeseeable circumstances beyond the company’s control. The court emphasized that the company’s honest efforts to perform its contractual obligations could not be undermined by its inability to prevent a force majeure event.
  3. Criminal law: In the case of R v. Hillier (2007), the Supreme Court of New South Wales held that a man who had unintentionally caused the death of a woman while driving under the influence of alcohol could be convicted of manslaughter, even though he had not intended to kill or harm anyone. The court acknowledged that the man’s drunkenness had impaired his judgment and reflexes, but it also found that he had acted recklessly and negligently by getting behind the wheel in the first place.

Overall, the concept of honest ineptitude recognizes that people can make mistakes and errors of judgment without necessarily being malicious or dishonest. However, this defense is not absolute and depends on the specific circumstances of each case.


We thought the object of creating an ICAC was to have corrupt individuals either dismissed or taken before the courts. How wrong we were. All the ICAC has done is publish reports and redact them. Michael Riches is just like Ken Fleming, he seems to operating in amateur hour mode.

How much is the ICAC costing the government in payouts?

Ken Fleming’s Legacy – Did He Wreck The NT ICAC?

Did Ken Fleming wreck the NT’s ICAC? The actions of current ICAC Commissioner Michael Riches would appear to bring into question how Ken Fleming was running ICAC.

We believe that Fleming was after something big, he had to get a big ticket corruption case. We said this so many times in previous posts.

KEN something Big

We also believe that Fleming scared off many whistleblowers who had genuine information regarding corruption so he could go after something big. We know of one case where it appears Fleming threatened a whistleblower with legal action.

Did Fleming actually know what was going on? Was he actually running the ICAC?

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