ICAC 1 Moriarty 0

Moriarty v Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (NT) [2022] NTSC 21

Damien Moriarty did not convince Justice Kelly of the Northern Territory Supreme Court to adjourn a matter set for trial for three days beginning on the 30th of March 2022.

It would appear that Moriarty wanted embark on a “fishing expedition” into ICAC and sought extra time to do so.

Moriarty has an application before Justice Kelly tomorrow (25th March 2022).

Perception Is Everything – Chalker And Gunner Look Dodgy

It does not matter what Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker and Chief Minister Michael Gunner say about the Rolfe matter. Chalker and Gunner have already done the damage.

Chalker appears to be engaged in a vendetta against Rolfe.

Gunner made certain comments when he traveled to Yuendumu and engaged Ken Fleming who made a fool of himself in Alice Springs.

Both Chalker and Gunner will bully anyone they can who happens to hold a different opinion to them.

Zachary Rolfe has every right not to trust the Northern Territory Government.

Both Chalker and Gunner have had their spin doctors working overtime. We doubt they can spin their way out of the Rolfe matter. Talk of potential litigation will not scare anyone off either.

The elephant in the room in this saga is that an Aboriginal got shot. Not shot because he was Aboriginal though! If only he had behaved himself in the first place.

Gunner Legal Action On Rolfe Comments?

Michael Gunner who is providing advice to you these days? An idiot!

We suggest that you drop the defamation threats. Have you heard of the Streisand Effect?

Just imagine the dirt you would have to reveal in proving that you were defamed?

We doubt it would be worth it. Your Labor Party colleagues would probably roll you while you were dragging yourself through the mud in court.

Then there would scrutiny regarding where your legal funding was coming from? Funding sources could include the tax payer, lobbyists, the Labor Party, Pro Bono legal friends and lastly you.

Most people would laugh at your concerns notice giving you a choice of either dropping the matter or going to court.

It would seem that Zachary Rolfe has hit a very raw nerve!

Public opinion turns on Chief Minister Michael Gunner ...


Dividing Humanity – A Mistake?

The government of Adolf Hitler divided humanity. For decades Australian Governments have also divided humanity. There are two groups of people in Australia, 1. Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders and 2. everyone else.

The German government had forms that singled out Jewish people, in Australia we have forms that single out ATSI people.

In the Northern Territory the term “special measures” is used by the government. It sounds like something created by Heinrich Himmler or Reinhardt Heydrich.

Aboriginal people must get jobs, says Opposition leader ...

Special Measures?

A divided population can never create a united people.

We have even found a suitable photograph to accompany this post.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner insists he knew nothing ...

NTG Vendetta On Rolfe Not Novel

The Northern Territory Government and various bodies closely associated with the government (so-called independent boards, bodies, societies etc.) have a long history of retaliation against those who have digressed from the NTG narrative.

According to this narrative Rolfe should have been found guilty and now should be inside a prison. When things do not go to plan for the NTG it becomes vendetta time. Anything and everything will be used against the subject of the vendetta. No amount of money will be spared in pursuit of an individual.

Police, nurses, medical doctors, teachers, lawyers and various other public servants who have refused to be involved in cover-ups, have questioned mismanagement or have gained a victory like Rolfe have all become subject to the NTG vendetta.

There are those in the higher echelons of NTG agencies who become fixated with scoring a victory over an individual at any cost. The Trust has been provided with reliable information from several sources to verify that NTG officers will tell lies and commit fraud to carry out a vendetta. It is win at all costs for the NTG.

So it seems Zachary Rolfe is not the only NTG employee with a target on his or her back.

Telling tales or doing the right thing? When should you ...

Remember that the Northern Territory Government has vast amounts of taxpayer dollars to pursue an individual. So solicitors, barristers and investigators can easily be engaged by government, cost no object.

Time To Lay Off On Rolfe Matter

Documents recently released suggest that Zachary Rolfe thought the NT was/is a joke. This hardly surprising because it is always amateur hour in all that the NT Government does.

Jamie Chalker should be asking himself why Rolfe had this opinion of things?

It starts at the top, remember Deputy Commissioner Murray Smalpage, yes the same guy who may be found in the Territory Lexicon between Shit and Syphilis. Smalpage was streaming a video about collective nouns, a murder of officers or words to that effect.

Kumanjayi Walker: NT Police's Jamie Chalker on Yuendumu ...