NT Businesses Sinking Under Labor’s Crime Wave

The Elephant in the Room: A critical inquiry into Appreciative Inquiry ...

Natasha Fyles and her gang pretend it does not exist. Anthony Albanese wants you to vote YES for a VOICE.

We say the NT has a crime wave and statistics show Aboriginal people are committing most crimes. Forget the VOICE, vote NO.

The NT Government must come up with alternative solutions to end the crime wave. The NT is sinking.

I Just Robbed Your Shop – So F*ck You C*nt

It is getting so common these days in the NT that observing snatch and run thefts in shops is the norm.

The group arrives and uses “distractors” to take care of the security while a “plucker” rushes in and grabs the goods and then runs off.

We are hearing that many people are getting sick and tired. One slogan we have read is “Burn Bagot”. We do not endorse vigilante actions.

“I Stab You!”

Is it time to shoot the elephant in the room?

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The NT Is On The Edge Of Chaos – Our Politicians Are Oblivious

Even Eddie McGuire knows the NT is a chaos zone.

An AFL team is not going to suddenly solve the problems of the NT.

The problems are:

  • Large numbers of unemployable welfare recipients
  • Children not attending school (illiterates)
  • Crime
  • Large numbers of substance abusers
  • Dysfunctional families and communities

These problems belong to the:

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The Labor Party and CLP will do nothing to solve these issues. No new strategies, no, absolutely nothing.

Chief Minister Natasha Fyles apologises to former NT police ...

Natasha Fyles thinks she can pretend things are OK in the NT and it will be alright.

The CLP think they have the answer. HAHA mandatory alcohol treatment. Talk of bringing in the cane! A total joke.

The whole situation in the Northern Territory is serious. Soon someone will get killed when they trespass, damage property or steal. It is only a matter of time.

*We do not promote vigilante activities. Although we do show our respect to vigilantes past and present.

Our Take On All Things Rolfe

We believe that the NT Government had a very particular narrative. That narrative was to convict Zachary Rolfe of murder. The plan failed.

It appears that the NT Government will stop at nothing to attack Zachary Rolfe. Why? Because Rolfe is not locked up in prison according to what the Gunner Labor Government had planned for him.

The current inquest appears to be the “attack Zachary Rolfe” show. It does not matter what barristers representing the NT Government or other parties say. Perception is very telling. The NT Government has a history of attacking employees they do not like and want to erase.

Does Zachary Rolfe have a right to be angry? We think he does. It is hardly surprising that he might for the want of a better term “be lashing out”.

The people of the NT should hang their head in shame. Why? Incompetent police management that created the entire situation.

If there are any blood stained hands in this matter then look at Jamie Chalker rather than Zachary Rolfe.

Should Politicians Support Convicted Criminals?

It is generally considered inappropriate for politicians to support individuals who have been convicted of serious crimes such as rape. Doing so can be seen as condoning such behavior and can harm the politician’s reputation and credibility. Additionally, supporting a convicted rapist can be offensive and hurtful to the victim and their family. It is important for politicians to consider the impact of their actions and statements on all members of their community, including victims of crimes such as rape.