Corrupt NT – Everything We Tell You Is True

The Trust has been telling the good people of the Northern Territory that something is very rotten about the NT Government. Perhaps you do not believe us! Here are just a few of the rotten things:

  • The disappearing Chief Minister
  • The Darwin Turf Club grandstand
  • Travel rorts
  • ICAC Ken Fleming (we almost typed clown!)
  • Workplace bullying, intimidation, discrimination
  • Telling lies, cover-ups
  • Crime waves
  • Not getting value for money
  • Nepotism
  • Lobbyists running amok

The list goes on and on………………… .

The Northern Territory is going backwards.

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Next! Gunner Times Exit As Chief Minister With Federal Election

Michael Gunner timed his exit as Chief Minister during the federal election no doubt because public attention is elsewhere. We are guessing Gunner will retire from politics at the end of the 14th Assembly.

As we have previously stated we believe that the former Chief Minister will become a consultant with a lobbyist firm. We could be wrong though.

Michael Gunner mulls Northern Territory-wide coronavirus quarantine plan

Who will now lead Dysfunction Australia?

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Will anything change? We doubt it!

The NT Government Discriminates Against Everyone – “We Do It To Everyone”

We read this interesting article from the ABC LINK.

Our analysis of discrimination cases in the Northern Territory suggests that the NT Government has issues with discrimination and that there is no pattern of discrimination based on race or culture. Anecdotal evidence indicates that there is some discrimination by Aboriginal employees against non-Aboriginal employees within the NT Health Department.

NT Government Fails On Aboriginal Crime Rampage

We have to call it as it is. The Northern Territory has an Aboriginal crime problem. The fact that the majority of those incarcerated in the NT are Aboriginal says it all.

The recent events in Wadeye and numerous other communities in the NT suggest there is a crime rampage.

No doubt Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker will be doing his best to keep “a lid on things” for his masters.

"Intense" Stephen King Batman and Robin Story on Podcast ...

Robin: Holy yidaki, Batman!

Batman: This is not a time for levity boy wonder. Recent events in the community of Wadeye suggest that we will be entering a period of spin.

Robin: Does that mean that the Gunner Government will start a distraction?

Batman: What does a liar do when he’s dead? 

Robin: He lies still.

Corruptsultation From The Corruptsultants

You know, I used to work for the Northern Territory Government, I was no fucking good then but now I am a consultant! I am back to help (myself).


Learning Consultants Guide: 13 Leadership Tips for an ...

Remember the shit drivel I used to spout out when I worked here before? Well now the taxpayer has to pay four times as much for the same shit now I am a consultant!

Michael Gunner’s Labor Government is letting me suck on the public tit, they are encouraging me to suck it dry.

My latest project is for Northern Territory Police Department. The Shooting Together Action Plan in Remote Communities. So far I have looked at culturally appropriate Glock pistols, This design will adorn pistols used in communities. Projectiles will also have a locally inspired motif. It would be great if the police could shoot people in a more culturally appropriate way.

Aboriginal Dot Style Painting - Gallery Corner

Gun Fact: The Glock 18 Fires 1,200 Bullets Per Minute ...

Culturally Appropriate Police Shooting