Lobbyists Must Be Controlled!

Lobbying, which is the act of attempting to influence decisions made by government officials, can play an important role in the democratic process by allowing individuals and groups to share their perspectives and concerns with decision-makers. However, if not regulated, it can also lead to problems such as corruption and the undue influence of special interests over public policy.

Here are a few reasons why lobbying should be regulated:

  • Transparency: Lobbying regulations can ensure that the public has access to information about who is attempting to influence government decisions and how they are doing it. This can help to prevent corruption and ensure that the public can hold elected officials accountable for the decisions they make.
  • Fairness: Lobbying regulations can help to level the playing field by ensuring that all individuals and groups have an equal opportunity to influence government decisions. Without regulation, wealthy individuals and special interest groups may have an unfair advantage over others in the political process.
  • Conflicts of Interest: Lobbying regulations can help to prevent conflicts of interest by requiring lobbyists and government officials to disclose any potential conflicts of interest. This can help to prevent decision-makers from being unduly influenced by special interests.
  • Ethical Standards: Lobbying regulations can help to ensure that lobbying activities are conducted ethically and in compliance with the law. This can help to prevent corruption and maintain the public’s trust in the political process.

Overall, lobbying regulations can help to ensure that the democratic process remains fair, transparent, and accountable to the public. By providing oversight and transparency to lobbying activities, regulations help to prevent corruption, undue influence, and conflicts of interest, and promote ethical standards.

Regenerate response

Labor Looking After Mates

Does Kent Rowe get special privileges in prison?

We have to wonder whether Labor mates get a special deal?

Does not matter what you do as long as you are a Labor mate. As for the idiots who elect Labor to office, they should all be given the deluxe “Kent Roweing” As someone told one of our members “I just do not believe it, Kent is not like that” so nothing to fear!

No doubt this has been “sputtered” to Rowe, “don’t you worry Kent, we will set you up with something when you are out”, it could have come from the very lips of the Chief Minister, we do not know.