Corruption Capital To Host Anti-Corruption Conference

According to tender number Q23-0130 the office of the ICAC is seeking the services of a professional conference organiser (PCO) to assist in the planning, management and delivery of APSACC 2024. The Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference (APSACC) 2024 is Australia’s premier biannual corruption prevention forum. The Office of the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) NT will be hosting APSACC from 29-31 July 2024 in Darwin.

Will former Commissioner Ken Fleming be making a guest appearance? Perhaps Ken could jump out of a giant ICAC cake and then break into song.

Commissioner Ken Fleming 'did the right thing' to step down | Sky News ...

Health Department Patient Travel Budget Blow Out

The Health Department is a free travel agency according to Discharge Planner X with massive budget blow outs in patient travel. We have been informed that is an embarrassing financial black hole for Natasha Fyles. There is sniff of corruption in this area. According to our source people who should be paying for accommodation and travel are getting it free from the NT Health Department.

Dirty Deeds Are Not Done Dirt Cheap In The NT

There will be a few “Dirty Deeds” coming up for the taxpayer in the NT. The deeds we refer to will cost a lot and will be very secret. Oh and mug taxpayer’s money will be used to cover the cost.

Here are just a couple coming up.

Jamie Chalker will be looking for his deed and so will Colleen Gwynne.

Natasha Fyles flop government will be forking out at your expense.

Sign here, take the money and stay shtoom. F*ck the taxpayers!

UPDATE 30th April 2023


Jamie Chalker has received his Dirty Deed. LINK

UPDATE 2nd May 2023

Natasha Fyles LINK

People Should Fear The NT Government

Forget China if you want to be scared, our own NT Government is far worse. The NT Government is dangerous and riddled with corruption.

Michael Riches thinks he can protect whistleblowers in such an environment. Think again Mr Riches, it is open season on whistleblowers.

As a Labor Party hack recently said “whistleblower schmower, they are found only in a dictionary between wanker and whore”.