NT’s Rambo Cops

Unlike the police in the movie First Blood, the Northern Territory Police are actively recruiting mixed-up military types who are looking for a scalp or possibly two. Perhaps they missed out in Afghanistan and still want get a notch on their gun. Jamie Chalker welcomes them with open arms and allows them to run amok.


“Fuck, if capsicum spray, a taser and baton does not work then I have to shoot the lizard!”

“Look son, just think of it as being like “roo” shooting.”

” Pothole the bastard, that’ll fix the prick.”



NT woman 'spat at worker' in mask fracas | Bay Post-Moruya Examiner ...

The NT Government Conspiracy

The Trust has told readers so many times the NT Government is corrupt. Now we have further evidence to support our claim. More police arrested this time for allegedly perverting the course of justice and misusing records. This is just the tip of the dodgy NTG iceberg of corruption.

Just think about all things that are happening in NTG and the perpetrators do not get caught.

The NT has a corruption culture where people with power think they can do as they like.

Frank Daly Winning On Dodgy Recruitment And Selection According To ICAC

Frank Daly and Natasha Fyles what a combination when it comes to all things dodgy. According to NT ICAC Commissioner Michael Riches the NT Health Department leads the way it comes to dodgy recruitment and selection.

The three public bodies that are the subject of most allegations to my office relating to impropriety
in recruitment (in order from highest to lowest) are the:
• Department of Health
• Department of Education
• Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services.

And we wonder what Vicki Telfer is doing in the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment? Endorsing all things dodgy?

Read the report here. LINK

NT OPINION: NT Health boss Frank Daly's Royal Darwin Hospital changes ...

Frank Daly a winner when it comes to dodgy recruitment and selection. He managed to beat Karen Weston from the Education Department. Well done Frank.

When it comes to winners why not enjoy drink?

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In the General Report from ICAC tabled in the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory on the 28th of July 2022 Michael Riches notes:

A number of themes emerge from allegations made to my office. Those themes include:
• favouritism, nepotism and cronyism
• selections made on a basis other than merit
• embellishing or falsifying information in employment applications
• appointing persons without a selection process where such a process should have been
• failing to appropriately manage conflicts of interest in respect of selection processes.

Remember that the The Trust has been stating that NTG engaged in all things dodgy when it came to recruitment and selection.

Read the full report. LINK


We thought the object of creating an ICAC was to have corrupt individuals either dismissed or taken before the courts. How wrong we were. All the ICAC has done is publish reports and redact them. Michael Riches is just like Ken Fleming, he seems to operating in amateur hour mode.

How much is the ICAC costing the government in payouts?

Ken Fleming’s Legacy – Did He Wreck The NT ICAC?

Did Ken Fleming wreck the NT’s ICAC? The actions of current ICAC Commissioner Michael Riches would appear to bring into question how Ken Fleming was running ICAC.

We believe that Fleming was after something big, he had to get a big ticket corruption case. We said this so many times in previous posts.

KEN something Big

We also believe that Fleming scared off many whistleblowers who had genuine information regarding corruption so he could go after something big. We know of one case where it appears Fleming threatened a whistleblower with legal action.

Did Fleming actually know what was going on? Was he actually running the ICAC?

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Talk about the Muddle-Headed Wombat!