Territorians Living In Fear In Karama And Sanderson Electorates

Great to hear from Stuart, Annie and Brad, three NT locals living in the electorates of Karama and Sanderson. All three have contacted The Trust about crime. Annie calls a spade a spade and states that in her belief Aboriginal youths a the main problem. Seems people have had a gutful of soft policies, bleeding hearts and do-gooders. Brad said bring in the cane. But cane who? Perhaps the politicians need caning?


They need a bit of stick!


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Karama Krime Khaos

Readers may wonder why The Trust has used some innovative spelling in the headline Karama Krime Khaos. Take the first letter in each word in the headline and that is KKK short for Ku Klux Klan. Organisations such as the Ku Klux Klan find fertile ground for growth where there is crime and chaos especially where ethnic and racial groups predominate in the offending. It would hardly be surprising if vigilante groups started to emerge in the northern suburbs of Darwin if not the entire NT.


The NT Government continues to use band-aid solutions rather than addressing the fundamental issues surrounding a large group of people in the NT who are in a state or states anomie. The local member Ngaree Ah Kit has taken the not in my backyard approach, the public housing tenants have to moved somewhere else. Seems Ah Kit has been asleep at the wheel on the subject of crime! Perhaps like her colleagues she has been spending too much taxpayers money?


Disengaged people funded by social security who are in a cycle of gambling, smoking, alcohol abuse and violence including a so-called “rape culture” have dominated the operations of the NT Government since the Territory gained self-government in 1978. Most of these disengaged people are Aboriginals. They are an industry, they must stay at the bottom of the heap so that there are jobs in the Aboriginal Industry. Most of the Health Department, Corrections and Police Force simply would not exist should there be improvements with the lot of the Aboriginal in the NT. There is nothing like the bigotry of low expectations.

Gunner Hijacked

Michael Gunner was recently hijacked. During a staged press conference at Karama Shopping Centre Gunner had to retreat to his car and speed off when June Mills hijacked the proceedings. This technique works well when you have advance notice of where our politicians will be.

Hijacking a Press Conference

Great move by June Mills. Congratulations.

See NT NEWS story




“Are you insane?”

Chief Minister Michael Gunner cops a spray from Larrakia woman June Mills

NT News 24/10/2018

CHIEF Minister Michael Gunner faced a hostile reception at a press conference in Karama this afternoon.

Mr Gunner was at the Karama shops with local member Ngaree Ah Kit and Larrakia Nation boss Robert Cooper to promote his Government’s new plan to target anti-social behaviour.

But the press conference was gatecrashed by Larrakia elder June Mills, who gave the Chief Minister a lengthy spray about law and order, fracking and grog policy.

Ms Mills said the Gunner Government’s policy of putting cops on bottlos was a “continued criminalisation” of Aboriginal people.

Mr Gunner took the bollocking from Ms Mills quietly until he was ushered into a waiting car and driven off.