Will Chalker Be Tempted To Set Up Rolfe?

Will NT Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker be tempted to set up Zachary Rolfe?

Will the NT Government be engaging in constructive dismissal in regard to Rolfe?

We suggest that the NT Government get out the kid gloves.


Northern Territory Police ­Commissioner Jamie Chalker says report was ...

Will Chalker Be Able To Help Himself?

What will the NT’s kid gloves be loaded with?

Next! Gunner Times Exit As Chief Minister With Federal Election

Michael Gunner timed his exit as Chief Minister during the federal election no doubt because public attention is elsewhere. We are guessing Gunner will retire from politics at the end of the 14th Assembly.

As we have previously stated we believe that the former Chief Minister will become a consultant with a lobbyist firm. We could be wrong though.

Michael Gunner mulls Northern Territory-wide coronavirus quarantine plan

Who will now lead Dysfunction Australia?

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Will anything change? We doubt it!

Rolfe For Police Commissioner?

Jamie Chalker seems to be on the nose with many serving police officers in the Northern Territory. However the Police Commissioner is not appointed by ballot within the police force.

Just imagine if the public could elect the Police Commissioner, Zachary Rolfe could stand for election and who knows?

NT Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker reflects on first six ...

The Northern Territory Government has a practice of backing their management people to the hilt no matter what they do. The government is happy to spend millions in the courts defending the actions of their incompetent managers.

Welcome to Dysfunction Australia, we used to be called the Northern Territory. 


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Round and round we go achieving absolutely nothing at all.

NT Government Fails On Aboriginal Crime Rampage

We have to call it as it is. The Northern Territory has an Aboriginal crime problem. The fact that the majority of those incarcerated in the NT are Aboriginal says it all.

The recent events in Wadeye and numerous other communities in the NT suggest there is a crime rampage.

No doubt Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker will be doing his best to keep “a lid on things” for his masters.

"Intense" Stephen King Batman and Robin Story on Podcast ...

Robin: Holy yidaki, Batman!

Batman: This is not a time for levity boy wonder. Recent events in the community of Wadeye suggest that we will be entering a period of spin.

Robin: Does that mean that the Gunner Government will start a distraction?

Batman: What does a liar do when he’s dead? 

Robin: He lies still.

Was Rolfe To Be Sacrificed?

Was there a campaign to paint Zachary Rolfe as a “rogue cop”, a “trigger happy” officer who liked to cut corners within the Northern Territory Government? Or was it something else that lead to Rolfe being charged with murder? We believe that Rolfe was an “offering” and that is why he was charged with murder.

Territory Cops Target Practice

Decisions made by Michael Gunner and Jamie Chalker appear to indicate that Zachary Rolfe was charged with murder to appease the population of Yuendumu and the wider Aboriginal population of the Northern Territory.

As we have previously said Michael Gunner does not rush to every murder scene in the Northern Territory, so why did he rush to Yuendumu?

Why did Michael Gunner involve Ken Fleming, the previous head of ICAC? Fleming’s antics in Alice Springs when he got hold of a microphone were reprehensible.

Jamie Chalker seems to have some form of amnesia when it comes to what transpired prior to Zachary Rolfe being charged with murder.

Will Michael Riches the current ICAC head be able to establish anything? We hope so but will be surprised if he does!

We see this whole Rolfe matter as being indicative of the Northern Territory. Rolfe said it correctly with words to the effect that the NT is a cowboy outfit. Sadly it is totally true the NT is a cowboy outfit, the whole NT Government is one.

The Northern Territory is a cowboy outfit because:

  • Crime is allowed to get out of hand.
  • Crime is tolerated in remote communities.
  • Many public servants cannot do their job or simply do not follow policy and procedure.
  • There are high levels of nepotism within the government.
  • The is a high turnover of government employees.
  • Bullying is rife within the public service.
  • Being truthful is discouraged.
  • The government often employees mediocre individuals with barely a pulse.
  • The government is reactive.
  • The periphery gets few resources.
  • Failed policies continue despite evidence showing failure.
  • The promotion of dysfunctional communities.
  • Failure to deliver on basic services.

Everyone should be asking why did a young man end up in the criminal justice system in the first place? Partly due to anomie, from a lack of purpose or ideals. For many life in Aboriginal communities in the NT is pure misery. Crime probably is the only option for many, an escape from their humdrum existence. Did Kumanjayi Walker have to die?

We need to be asking Michael Gunner and the Labor Government he leads what they have been doing to solve these issues?

Labor Has Numbers To Ignore Requests For Rolfe Inquiry

It would seem that hell would have to freeze over before there will be any inquiry regarding the Rolfe matter.

If suddenly Michael Gunner wants an inquiry you can bet it will have narrow terms of reference and be conducted by a Labor crony.

The jury got the Labor narrative wrong. “If only the jury had been comprised of relatives of the deceased from Yuendumu then Rolfe would be behind bars.” We are certain a Labor sycophant said words to this effect in a prominent Darwin venue last week.

Welcome to Dysfunction Australia the place they used to call the NT.

A Great Place To Leave.

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