Health Department Funding Taxi Spin Trips

What is going on in the NT Health Department? Natasha Fyles does not have a clue! We have been told that taxi vouchers are being rorted by clients of the Health Department. Instead of going home in a taxi using the voucher as intended it appears clients are getting taxis to the casino, pubs and clubs.

Darwin Radio Taxis banned from accepting BasicsCard due to Centrelink ...

Cuck You Funt – Welcome To Employment With The NT Government

Are you in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or the Philippines and qualified as a nurse or medical doctor? Do you want to be really abused good and proper? We hear you saying YES please! Then welcome to country. Welcome to the Northern Territory now called Dysfunction Australia. Cuck you Funt as they say.

Thousands of Filipino nurses hope to practice in America ...

Are You Up For the NT?

The NT Government Discriminates Against Everyone – “We Do It To Everyone”

We read this interesting article from the ABC LINK.

Our analysis of discrimination cases in the Northern Territory suggests that the NT Government has issues with discrimination and that there is no pattern of discrimination based on race or culture. Anecdotal evidence indicates that there is some discrimination by Aboriginal employees against non-Aboriginal employees within the NT Health Department.

For Indians The NT Is A Great Place To Leave

You would expect our headline to say that the NT was a great place to live, unfortunately that is not the case for all. Many Indians have been contacting The Trust and telling us that they will be leaving the NT.


Whilst there are many reasons why people leave the the NT, our Indian respondents consistently state that bullying is rife, especially within the NT public service.

We quote Aakash (name changed for anonymity) “there are too many greasy pole climbers, they will do anything including falsifying data, records, if you go against them they will bully and ostracize you.” “We are leaving for (other Australian state redacted), the government there has given me a great package.”