Health System About To Crack In NT

The bed and breakfast regime operating for some so-called clients in NT hospitals is clogging the system. People who are not actually sick are being given beds in NT hospitals. They feign illness to get a bed for free. The do-gooders in the system are enabling this corruption. Our sources tell us that this is a regular rort advocated for by liaison officers.

Health Department Patient Travel Budget Blow Out

The Health Department is a free travel agency according to Discharge Planner X with massive budget blow outs in patient travel. We have been informed that is an embarrassing financial black hole for Natasha Fyles. There is sniff of corruption in this area. According to our source people who should be paying for accommodation and travel are getting it free from the NT Health Department.

Admitted To RDH 198 Times In 2022

According to our sources (Discharge Planner X) an individual was taken to Royal Darwin Hospital at least 198 times in 2022 by ambulance and then admitted to the hospital for a variety of minor complaints. The total cost for the ambulance alone was $160 000.00.

Natasha’s Bed and Breakfast (AKA RDH)

The cost of frequent emergency department visits for minor ailments can be significant for taxpayers. Emergency department services are generally more expensive than primary care or urgent care services, and this high cost can put a strain on healthcare resources.

Marco’s Health Overspending Tsunami

Marco Briceno is totally out of his depth. He has an overspending tsunami on his hands. What to do? Seems Marco spends more. Why not? Who cares? Just taxpayer funds.

Can the Health Department account for every cent it spends on each patient and justify that expenditure? We doubt it. This is not medicine we are talking but food, accommodation and travel.

Come on Marco grow some balls and make some hard decisions, perhaps having some policies and following them could help.

A complete bluffer, a joker. Go back to dispensing aspirin!

The NT Government Discriminates Against Everyone – “We Do It To Everyone”

We read this interesting article from the ABC LINK.

Our analysis of discrimination cases in the Northern Territory suggests that the NT Government has issues with discrimination and that there is no pattern of discrimination based on race or culture. Anecdotal evidence indicates that there is some discrimination by Aboriginal employees against non-Aboriginal employees within the NT Health Department.