Are Overseas Nurses Ready To Be Bullied?

Nurse managers love to have nurses from places like India, Malaysia and the Philippines because they can cower them into submission. Nothing like a compliant workforce.

You would cringe in fear if you worked for the NT Government.

Frank Daly’s got a major bullying problem already.

Total chaos in NT Health.

More Remote Community Rorts?

Several Northern Territory Government agencies have staff living in remote NT communities. Fully furnished accommodation is provided. The procurement and disposal of furniture, whitegoods and other appliances may well be an opportunity for rorting.

The NT Police, Education and Health immediately come to mind. What fiddles are going on with the procurement and disposal of furniture, whitegoods and appliances?

Are certain businesses getting a greater cut of the action when it comes to selling the government furniture, whitegoods and appliances?






Teething Problems? Daly Enters Carnival Of Chaos!

Remember when Bill Murray stepped in a hole near the kerb in Groundhog Day, Murray’s character eventually learns to avoid the hole. Sadly new Health CEO Frank Daly will step in “doggy doo” each and every day and he will not be able to avoid it, it is everywhere.


What Frank? You are having a few problems in the NT. Teething problems my son! You need a good minder perhaps several of them. Ans what ever you do, don’t listen to Len Notaras, once he starts on the Newcastle earthquake he will not stop!

Frank Daly – NT Opposition Right To Question His Appointment

It took the The Trust less than five minutes to discover that new NT Health CEO Frank Daly had some dark clouds in his past. We published a post last week that pointed to some issues Dr Daly had in WA. Now the CLP opposition is also questioning the appointment of Frank Daly as reported by the NT News (see below).

Frank Daly

The NT Government always seems to have problems with appointments. Frank Daly will arrive and then a whole host new people from Western Australia will be also be appointed if history is anything to go by. Education CEO Margaret Banks did this very thing and shipped in her cronies from WA , then another Education CEO Gary Barnes did the exact same thing except from Queensland.

G’Day I’m Frank Daly And I’m Here To Help (Myself)!

Travel Clerk Tells Of System Hemorrhaging Millions

We will call our informant “Mick” for the purposes of this post and ascribe Mick as a male. Mick works for NT Health. According to Mick he is constantly badgered by social workers to “bend the rules” that is not follow departmental policies for the travel of patients.

Mick feels constantly uncomfortable about this because he knows that other clerks give in and cost the taxpayer more money. “No one cares about policies and procedures, we have nurses and social workers constantly interfering into matters that do not concern them”. “The do-gooder types make my job ten times as hard because they create problems by promising patients things they cannot deliver then they dump the problem on me”.

Mick goes on to tell us that he believes Minister Natasha Fyles knows all about the problem but does not wish to address it.