Woe To The Whistleblower Yet Again

Once again it can be said it is woe to the whistleblower. Whistleblowers from within the NT public service will always face an uphill battle. The government and that includes NT ICAC will always paint a whistleblower as a bitter and twisted employee with performance issues. Ken Fleming has done that to the script that has been used so many times.

Want to get on in the NT public service, shut up and do a lot of arse licking. Rock the boat and you are out.


The link goes to a submission to the Estimates Committee from John Lawrence SC representing an individual referred to as “B”. “B” is a whistleblower.

From what The Trust has read about the NT ICAC it would seem that there is a culture problem within ICAC itself. Has Ken Fleming allowed the dark triad into his office?


Is Ken Fleming a psychopathic manager who wants sycophantic subordinates?

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Syd Stirling – Politics Can Be Dirty – ICAC Naming Of Syd – A Dirty Trick?

Politics can be a dirty game. Syd Stirling should know the game. Why would ICAC come and ask for permission to name former politicians? If you put yourself in the ring you have to expect some biffo. Perhaps someone in ICAC has it in for Syd? Who knows!

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Strategically naming an individual to associate them with wrong doing that has nothing to do with them is an old trick of the NT Government. Syd Stirling was at top of the government, so he should be well aware of what goes on.

How Do You Like Your Corruption? Black, Grey or White?


Just between slurps of this red at yet another soiree here in Darwin. Funded by some mob after a few favours from some of our pollies. Nothing like a free red and a feed! Corruption is like my hair colour! It can be black, grey and white. Thought I had better educate territorians on some of the finer points of corruption.

Professor Tim Prenzler at the University of the Sunshine Coast has been writing some interesting material of grey corruption. LINK

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Riches And McGinlay Old Mates?

Does the soon to be new NT ICAC Commissioner Michael Ricjhes have a connection to David Harold McGinlay? Just sayin! Were both Michael and David in the South Australian Police at the same time? Who knows?


Yes Sir! I see a bonanza not of gold but of “pay dirt”. The sort of dirt that includes nepotism, dirty deals and cronyism. Start digging, shoveling, panning and dredging the Northern Territory Government today.




Matt Cunningham from the NT News must have been asleep to suddenly realise that the NT ICAC is a total joke. The Trust knew the ICAC would be an amateur outfit before it was even created.

Cunningham states that The NT ICAC has been a total shambles in the NT NEWS (29th May 2021) this is probably an understatement. A summary of the ICAC mess we know of and have been commenting on for some time is listed below.

  • Ken Fleming makes an announcement about a future announcement but then never makes an announcement.
  • Ken Fleming gets a microphone in Alice Springs and mouths off in relation to the Rolfe matter.
  • The main investigator for ICAC is the brother of a judge.
  • Emails not being checked.
  • Publishing false information. Remember that once on the internet for an instance there is the possibility that someone has a copy even if it is removed quickly.

It all sounds like Ken and Rex need to study LAW101 For Dodos!

It all sounds like Ken and Rex need to study LAW101 For Dodos!


Ken Fleming looking uncomfortable, note arms folded to resist the idea that he may not know what he is doing, closing off outside ideas, yes he knows best. Fleming is no friend of whistleblowers.

ICAC Does Not Pass Muster!

The NT ICAC is not up to scratch. The Trust has been telling the public this constantly. A failure to check junk email or to have junk email folders in the first place for an email dealing with serious legal matters says a lot. It is amateur hour.

And yes we will being showing you our mock up album of Karaoke Ken Fleming after all he is in charge. The buck stops with him.

KEN something Big

Junk Mail? Junk ICAC!

G’Day Sir Les here from ICAC, it seems we had an administrative oversight. One of the main reasons we have selected Michael Riches as the new commissioner is because he has worked extensively with junk email files. Cannot wait for Michael to arrive to show us all how these things work.


Anyway we are off for another few taxpayer funded beverages. This technical stuff would make your head spin. And remember Ken is still spruiking his album.

KEN something Big

Remember what Territorians do not know does not hurt them.