NT Independent Outs Matt Williams In Turf Club Grandstand Saga In Yet Another Swipe At The NT News

The war between the NT Independent and the NT News has hotted up again. The NT Independent names Matt Williams as a “mysterious senior media figure” identified in the ICAC investigation report regarding the $12 million grandstand.

Williams has had a close association with the horse racing fraternity, he was once the national racing and sports wagering editor in Melbourne for News Corp. He is no stranger from the corporate box or marquee at Fannie Bay.

Do Christopher Walsh and David Wood have a feud with the NT News? Do they have a feud with all other media organisations in the NT? They also manage to drag in Katie Woolf from Mix 104.9 in a separate story about Brett Dixon and the grandstand,

Talk about the gift that keeps giving. The Darwin Turf Club grandstand matter has only just begun.


Matt Williams no stranger at Fannie Bay racecourse.

NT Independent Uses ICAC Boss To Have A Swipe At NT News And NTG!

The NT Independent has had a good swipe at the NT News and the NT Government by getting Ken Fleming to say he will be responding to recent allegations. The use of quietly buried NTG Boundless Possible logo by the NT Independent hopefully rubbed some salt into any wound Chief Minister Michael Gunner may have. We hope it stings.

The NT Independent has been banned by Michael Gunner so no doubt they will do anything they can to annoy him. Seems Gunner is the minister responsible for ICAC.


Source: NT Independent 18 June 2021

The Trust still considers Ken Fleming unfit.

The NT News – A Government Puppy

Bow before me, yes it’s Ming from the Fifth Floor of the Northern Territory Parliament House.


I keep Matt Cunningham and his minions at the NT News on a tight leash. Now and then they can twist a story for our mutual benefit. Such play things who think they are journalists.

The only real journalists in the NT had to be banned, yes the NT Independent. They would not play our little game.


Matt Cunningham from the NT News must have been asleep to suddenly realise that the NT ICAC is a total joke. The Trust knew the ICAC would be an amateur outfit before it was even created.

Cunningham states that The NT ICAC has been a total shambles in the NT NEWS (29th May 2021) this is probably an understatement. A summary of the ICAC mess we know of and have been commenting on for some time is listed below.

  • Ken Fleming makes an announcement about a future announcement but then never makes an announcement.
  • Ken Fleming gets a microphone in Alice Springs and mouths off in relation to the Rolfe matter.
  • The main investigator for ICAC is the brother of a judge.
  • Emails not being checked.
  • Publishing false information. Remember that once on the internet for an instance there is the possibility that someone has a copy even if it is removed quickly.

It all sounds like Ken and Rex need to study LAW101 For Dodos!

It all sounds like Ken and Rex need to study LAW101 For Dodos!


Ken Fleming looking uncomfortable, note arms folded to resist the idea that he may not know what he is doing, closing off outside ideas, yes he knows best. Fleming is no friend of whistleblowers.

Sky News Cunningham At It Again

Matt Cunningham is at it again! Cunningham’s opinion piece Why you should pay for news in the NT News gives us reasons why we should pay for news and that is great. But the NT News is publishing court lists and advertising plastic landfill on the front page from Coles and Woolworths. Great news!

Court lists are public information and easily accessed online for free. Court lists are not journalism Mr Cunningham. We would have thought that Jack Long’s funeral would have had the full front page. But plastic landfill from the fresh food people, really!