Territory Cops As Dumb As!

Northern Territory Police must be the dumbest in Australia. How many times would they have been told not to send texts and emails that are offensive? How many time would they have been told not make offensive social media posts? What do they do? Go ahead and do exactly what they have been told not to do.

Keystone Cops - YouTube

NT’s Rambo Cops

Unlike the police in the movie First Blood, the Northern Territory Police are actively recruiting mixed-up military types who are looking for a scalp or possibly two. Perhaps they missed out in Afghanistan and still want get a notch on their gun. Jamie Chalker welcomes them with open arms and allows them to run amok.


“Fuck, if capsicum spray, a taser and baton does not work then I have to shoot the lizard!”

“Look son, just think of it as being like “roo” shooting.”

” Pothole the bastard, that’ll fix the prick.”



NT woman 'spat at worker' in mask fracas | Bay Post-Moruya Examiner ...

Territorians Living In Fear In Karama And Sanderson Electorates

Great to hear from Stuart, Annie and Brad, three NT locals living in the electorates of Karama and Sanderson. All three have contacted The Trust about crime. Annie calls a spade a spade and states that in her belief Aboriginal youths a the main problem. Seems people have had a gutful of soft policies, bleeding hearts and do-gooders. Brad said bring in the cane. But cane who? Perhaps the politicians need caning?


They need a bit of stick!


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Did Territory Cops Use Images Of Aboriginals In Target Practice?

We hope not. An anonymous source suggests that some “rogue elements” in the force have used various types of targets including images of Aboriginals in the past.

Know anything about this? Contact us: transparentnt@disroot.org

Thanks to “Ralph” we were sent this image. We are suspect about it though. It may well be a police target or something akin to a Murray Smalpage joke! We do not endorse this image in anyway but the public has a right to know. Perhaps it was created by a “murder” of police officers?

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