Austlii – A Great Resource


The Australasian Legal Information Institute is a great resource that you can use for a variety of purposes.

Keep an eye on NTCAT published decisions for example. Use Austlii in conjunction with NTCAT hearing lists to track and monitor cases of interest to you. Better than reading a newspaper.

Noteworthy Gwynne And Danvers

In purusing the court and tribunal lists this week we noted two interesting matters.

The first appeared in the NT Supreme Court and the second in NTCAT.


R v. Colleen Marie Gwynne (Pre-trial Hearing via Teams) 21934234


2020-04086-CT Brian Danvers v Teacher Registration Board of the Northern Territory Teacher Registration (Northern Territory) Act 2004

Territorians should be eager to see the outcomes in both of these matters.

Using NTCAT Hearing Lists

Any body that publishes regular lists of hearings is giving you a potential trove of information that can be used for free and legally. Nothing prevents you from downloading these lists on a regular basis and then analysing them.

In this brief posting we focus on NTCAT hearing lists published by the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal. How can these lists be used? Answer in many ways.

The Trust boffins have identified a way to create a “dodgy landlord” and “dodgy tenant” database using hearings held under the Residential Tenancies Act 1999.

However the hearing lists could be used for so much more such as the Teacher Registration Board or discrimination.

These hearing lists can be a very useful tool.