Basket Case

The NT is Australia’s basket case. Australia’s failing body politic.

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Why not be innovative and keep doing the same old dumb things? Well our NT Government operates just like that, doing the same old dumb things that keep failing. Round and round they go!

Rolfe The Untouchable

Seems Zack Rolfe is now a trigger for some people. We thought he appeared in court because he pulled a trigger now he is one. Wow the NT what a place.

We always knew it would nigh on impossible for Rolfe to easily go back to work. Will NTG have make him disappear by paying him out?

With NTG – One Day A Saint Next A Sinner

We have seen it so many times with the Northern Territory Government, a new employee is lauded, they are off having coffees with the movers and shakers of the agency. Soon they up to their necks engaging in nepotism and conspiracy. We could say they are the flavour of the month.

But oh how things can change in NTG where the line between a saint and a sinner is apt to change at anytime. It must be like working on a fault line where an earthquake can occur at any moment. Perhaps a senior sponsor retires, transfers or there is a restructure. The ground changes and the saint is no longer mixing with the in set they have become a sinner.

We provide a link to a case as an example. This case shows how NTG deals with employees. We provide this case for education purposes. LINK

Imagine having the same departmental “dirty tricks” that you used to “screw over” others turned on you!


If It Looks Like Nepotism – Then It Probably Is – Public Perception Is All

Ken Fleming needs to start thinking like the ordinary and reasonable person on the Clapham omnibus. Yes Ken, that same person on the omnibus that you no doubt studied about at university all those years ago. What are we saying here?

We are saying that an ordinary person would immediately question the recruitment practices of Ken Fleming. An ABC report regarding a contract for a senior ICAC staff member’s partner at the ICAC is yet another example of the amateur hour at ICAC. LINK

Perceptions of any corruption should be avoided at all costs by government agencies especially ICAC. Perceptions held by the public count for a lot. If it looks like nepotism then it should be avoided. ICAC all in the family! No wonder ICAC has leaks!

It was stated by Fleming that there is some “jealousy in the office”. It sounds like a problem caused by the management of ICAC, after all the tone is set from the top. Will Michael Riches be able to turn this toxic workplace culture around? That is anyone’s guess.

Here are the details of those mentioned in the ABC article.

David Harold McGinlay GAT Risk Management LINK

Is this the same David McGinlay who was a South Australian police officer? LINK


Same old Karaoke Ken, he does not know nepotism from nookie.

Former DOE Lawyer Back According To DOE Insider

We recently received information about the return of one Lee Rayner to the NT Education Department. An anonymous insider reveals that Rayner was once a solicitor for the NT Government in the Education Department. Rayner left the NT several years ago and worked in Tasmania for the teacher registration board there.

Our previous post on the legal practitioner list for the NT indicates that Rayner is not working as a solicitor for the Education Department as she is not registered as a legal practitioner in the NT. We also checked the Law Society of Tasmania and she is not registered there either.

Our insider sees Rayner’s return as an indication of the rot in the Education Department that continues under Karen Weston and Lauren Moss.



Amateur Hour – Why the NT Public Service Constantly has Problems

It really is amateur hour within the NT public service. Most so-called public servants do not know what they are doing and cannot even follow the policies and procedures that they supposedly administrate by.

It is hardly surprising that the NT ICAC is being overwhelmed with complaints of corruption.

Many managers in the NT public service have been there too long and are often just incompetent deadwood. Bullying, misuse of authority, failure to follow policy and procedures are just some of the litany of what constantly goes on under the watch of those who do not have to perform but hold their jobs more by their sense of right than actual ability.

Services are not delivered.

Services are not delivered.

Woolies and Coles would not employ most NT public servants!