We Come Darwin Got No Money – Go To RDH

Patient travel rorts costing the NT millions as Natasha Fyles does nothing to stop it.

People who are not sick travel to Darwin and run out of money. They go to RDH where they are given Health Department funded travel back home. What a corrupt rort when everyone else has to pay for themselves.

Fyles does nothing about health travel rorts!

Thanks to “Discharge Planner X” for this snippit of juicy information. According to “X” hospital beds are clogged up with people who are not actually sick but without money or a home in Darwin. “X” claims the Health Department is complaining about budget blowouts but will not do anything about the rorts, Warning Elephant in the Room!

Meaning Of Elephant In The Room - mtndesignz

This Health Department Executive would eat shit if he was told to!

RDH Dr’s Tolerating Bad Behaviour In Contravention Of Zero Tolerance Policy

We thank insider “Francine” from NT Health for information about some medical doctors who are accepting violent behaviour or at least telling other health staff to accept it. What a dysfunctional establishment RDH must be. RDH = Rafferty’s Darwin Hospital, where no rules apply.

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Gunner Admits Panic And Waste

Michael Gunner as quoted by the ABC (LINK) gives the impression his government is in a panic. Our reading of the quote is that people are being admitted to hospital when it is not necessary. That would appear to be a waste of resources. Akin to admitting people to hospital with a cold.

We quote Mr Gunner, who no doubt will backpedal, stating something like he is not a medical professional. However he is the Chief Minister.

“Hospital care is probably a higher level of care than what is required.”

“Hospital care is probably a higher level of care than what is required.”

“Hospital care is probably a higher level of care than what is required.”


According to sources the levels of comorbidity are so great with some individuals in the NT that any extra health issue will cause death be it COVID, Influenza or a broken leg.

Why not clog the hospitals with people who do not need to be there?

Is the government scared of bad press?

Aboriginals Die of COVID!

Burnout At RDH – Caused By Recalcitrant Client Merry-Go-Round And NTG Workplace Culture

No wonder medical officers are leaving the NT. Information given to The Trust suggests there is a large body of recalcitrant clients who clog up the system as if on a merry-go-round. See our previous post on the topic. These clients do not listen and continually go in and out of RDH taking up valuable bed space when they could be at home had they followed “doctor’s orders”.

Then there is the workplace culture of NTG that medical officers are confronted with, the bullying, cover-ups, nepotism and cronyism just to identify a some of NTG’s more common features. Talk about a “croc” infested swamp. NTG has a workplace sepsis.

Frank Daly’s RDH Recalcitrant Client Complications

Readers did you that many of those taking up beds at RDH really should not be there. The Trust has been informed from several sources within NT Health that many patients do not follow medical instructions that would keep them out of hospital. Yes we are talking about seriously sick individuals not following the instructions of a medical doctor.

Here are some examples that have been given to us:

  • Not going for regular treatment that would allow the individual to stay at home.
  • Not taking medication that has been prescribed.
  • Incorrectly taking medication that has been prescribed.
  • Not making appropriate lifestyle changes in relation to legal substance abuse.
  • Traveling away from access to regular treatment.

These recalcitrant individuals are taking up beds. Then we add the complexity of comorbidity.

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