Frank Daly – RDH Chaos

The emergency department at RDH is in chaos. Apparently the same patients are cycling constantly through the emergency department clogging it up. Ambulances are picking up the same people several times a week. We could say what a joke. However the NT taxpayer is footing the bill.

What are you doing about it Frank?

Teething Problems? Daly Enters Carnival Of Chaos!

Remember when Bill Murray stepped in a hole near the kerb in Groundhog Day, Murray’s character eventually learns to avoid the hole. Sadly new Health CEO Frank Daly will step in “doggy doo” each and every day and he will not be able to avoid it, it is everywhere.


What Frank? You are having a few problems in the NT. Teething problems my son! You need a good minder perhaps several of them. Ans what ever you do, don’t listen to Len Notaras, once he starts on the Newcastle earthquake he will not stop!

AMA Has Reason To Worry About NT Gov Running Quarantine Facility At Howard Springs!

The Australian Medical Association NT branch has good reason to worry about the NT Government operating a quarantine facility. LINK

Given NT Government’s questionable recruiting practices and often sub-standard performance across a range of metrics then it could well be a tragedy at Howard Springs.

With crime waves, increasing illiteracy and substance abuse rampant throughout the NT, the government appears to impotent.

Fyles Renal Clinic Management Fiasco

The Nightcliff Renal Clinic in the very heart of the Health Minister’s electorate appears to have major management problems.


Cleaners claim they are being asked to tramp down bins to cut costs, so that the bins only need to be emptied once a week instead of twice.


Staff cannot have water bottles in the fridge or eat at their desks.

It would seem that the manager has lost the plot and rather than focusing on health care of patients is intent on making the lives of staff in the clinic a misery.

According to sources two cleaners recently left because they were so sick of the clinic manager’s behaviour. “We are always walking on eggshells here”, “You are constantly watched”, “The way you use the microwave is analysed”, “The woman has lost the plot, she is a nut” are just some of the comments The Trust received recently about the manager of the Nightcliff Renal Clinic.

Pandemic Of Management Paranoia At Renal Clinic

It is believed by clinic staff that the manager may have “connections” to the Labor Party and Natasha Fyles. “How else could a lunatic be left in charge of the asylum?”


Neither Natasha Fyles or the Health Department made comments after emails were sent requesting comments about the management of the clinic. How many psychological injury cases will there be?

More NTG Workplace Bullying

NT Government Does Not Follow Own Procurement Policy

The Trust received an email from an insider within the NT Health Department. It seems that there is either a policy or management void that allows ad hoc purchase of uniforms from outside of the NT.

The email highlighted possible copyright breaches related to images printed on the uniforms.

The firm involved is a website operated by Maxam International Trade Pty Ltd a company registered in New South Wales. It is possible that the uniforms are not printed in Australia.

Where are the buy local policies? We are sure that Territory Uniforms or Moogully would like this business.

Perhaps Natasha Fyles can explain why local businesses are not getting business and why NT Health operates in such a shambolic way. Well Natasha?

The Trust is reliably informed that the incompetent officer who was paid over $100, 000 per year has suddenly resigned. Their role was not in procurement but in social work apparently.

Yet another NTG stuff up!


Health Dept Wastes Money on Needless Avoidable Chronic Disease Medivacs Costing Millions

Sources at RDH inform the Trust that medivac flights costing potentially millions of dollars are being used like a taxi service for chronic disease patients who do not comply with their treatment regime.

The source identified Ward 7A at RDH as a problem area rife with mismanagement. It would appear that chronic disease sufferers who require constant treatment in Darwin leave for remote communities against advice and have to medivaced back to Darwin at substantial cost to the government. In some cases the clients are repeat offenders.

The source said ” we are not talking about someone who has had a heart attack or had an accident with a chainsaw but people who know they are ill and must be treated in a specialist clinic several times a week”, “they should not be leaving the location where their treatment is” “they are costing millions that could be spent on more urgent cases”.