Rolfe The Untouchable

Seems Zack Rolfe is now a trigger for some people. We thought he appeared in court because he pulled a trigger now he is one. Wow the NT what a place.

We always knew it would nigh on impossible for Rolfe to easily go back to work. Will NTG have make him disappear by paying him out?

Corruptsultation From The Corruptsultants

You know, I used to work for the Northern Territory Government, I was no fucking good then but now I am a consultant! I am back to help (myself).


Learning Consultants Guide: 13 Leadership Tips for an ...

Remember the shit drivel I used to spout out when I worked here before? Well now the taxpayer has to pay four times as much for the same shit now I am a consultant!

Michael Gunner’s Labor Government is letting me suck on the public tit, they are encouraging me to suck it dry.

My latest project is for Northern Territory Police Department. The Shooting Together Action Plan in Remote Communities. So far I have looked at culturally appropriate Glock pistols, This design will adorn pistols used in communities. Projectiles will also have a locally inspired motif. It would be great if the police could shoot people in a more culturally appropriate way.

Aboriginal Dot Style Painting - Gallery Corner

Gun Fact: The Glock 18 Fires 1,200 Bullets Per Minute ...

Culturally Appropriate Police Shooting


Did Territory Cops Use Images Of Aboriginals In Target Practice?

We hope not. An anonymous source suggests that some “rogue elements” in the force have used various types of targets including images of Aboriginals in the past.

Know anything about this? Contact us:

Thanks to “Ralph” we were sent this image. We are suspect about it though. It may well be a police target or something akin to a Murray Smalpage joke! We do not endorse this image in anyway but the public has a right to know. Perhaps it was created by a “murder” of police officers?

RALPH - Copy

Labor Has Numbers To Ignore Requests For Rolfe Inquiry

It would seem that hell would have to freeze over before there will be any inquiry regarding the Rolfe matter.

If suddenly Michael Gunner wants an inquiry you can bet it will have narrow terms of reference and be conducted by a Labor crony.

The jury got the Labor narrative wrong. “If only the jury had been comprised of relatives of the deceased from Yuendumu then Rolfe would be behind bars.” We are certain a Labor sycophant said words to this effect in a prominent Darwin venue last week.

Welcome to Dysfunction Australia the place they used to call the NT.

A Great Place To Leave.

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