No Assumption Of Rights In Australia

Australians have no “enshrined” rights as such, this is not America. Zachary Rolfe just found this out in the NT Supreme Court. A nice try, but it is back in your cage. Perhaps an appeal? LINK

What one judge decide another judge undecide, so much for common law rights!



Keep Your Cool Rolfe And Sidestep The Questions

Great to see that Zachary Rolfe is deflecting those inquest questions. Remember Rolfe is not on trial at the inquest. But it would appear as though he was.

The big question that should be asked is “why are there so many dysfunctional people living at Yuendumu?”


The graffiti that needs painting on the walls of NT police stations.

Government or Personal? That Is The Question.

A government body (e.g. a government department or local council) cannot sue for defamation in relation to a statement that comments on the way it carries out its public functions. However, an individual politician, public servant or local councillor can sue if a statement refers to the way in which they personally carry out public functions. Source


We use this cartoon for the purposes of education.


Gov Corp – Consultants Reign

Why is there a public service in the NT? We have the answer, to hire and pay consultants.

Most of the NT public service should be sacked apart from the police, finance, resource allocation (water, land, minerals), health workers, teachers and the court system. The rest of could be outsourced including prisons.

The government is already outsourcing to consultants for many functions why not just go that one step further and only use consultants? Let lobbyists have it all!