A Train Ticket To New Zealand

Many moons ago a member of The Trust had an interesting conversation with an old bushy about travel to other countries. What we know as overseas travel.

The two discussed many different countries until New Zealand was the focus of their conversation. At any rate the old bushy did not wish to fly and preferred to take the train. Yes, the train to New Zealand.

This is a true story. It highlights that many Australians know very little about anything and a lot about nothing. It explains why bungling and corrupt individuals manage to get elected in Australia.

40,000 Years of Dreaming A Century of Australian Cinema

Strewth, what is an ocean?

They must taken a few years to build the railway bridge to New Zealand!

Promises, Promises

There must be an election soon. The Northern Territory is being visited by federal politicians.

Scott Morrison has popped in for a photo opportunity with some Aboriginal people in Alice Springs. Did someone hear him ask “do they bite”?

Meanwhile opposition leader Albo must be wondering about his Labor cousins in the NT. Who knows they may offer him a coke! Would you like a straw Albo?

Aboriginal people must get jobs, says Opposition leader ...

We promise to invest $200 million over the next 200 million years in housing for the NT.

PM’s WeChat Flop-Nice One From China

Scott Morrison is getting exactly what he deserves with his WeChat flop. He is lucky it is only his WeChat account that has been sold. A pity he could not be sold to the Chinese! Whoops perhaps they already own him?

Dodgy Things Scott Morrison does (according to this quote from the ABC)

The agency used a Chinese national – in this case Mr Ji — as the account operator, in order to circumvent WeChat’s regulations, which do not allow foreign nationals to operate public accounts.


So when the Chinese decide to circumvent a few Australian Laws, Mr Morrison will need to be understanding.

Download WeChat for PC on Windows 7/8/10/XP in 4 Easy ...

Perhaps it should WeeChat in the case of Morrison, wee as in urine also known as piss.