McMahon Spin On Dog

Senator McMahon is in spin mode thinking about life beyond politics. Turfed by the CLP and with little if any future in politics McMahon talking about dogs with COVID. Anything to get noticed. McMahon needs to face it she is a has been in terms of public life, there is going to be no jobs as an administrator nor should there be.

Speaking of dogs, if either major party nominated a dog turd at the top position on their senate ticket chances are two dog turds would be elected. What we are saying is that virtually anyone who is nominated by a major party would get elected. There is nothing special about these people except they have manipulated their way to get party nomination.

Australia’s Shortage Of Vets Should Be A Hint To The CLP!

Natalie Wolfe from in an article dated 17 May 221 titled Vet suicide crisis sparks Australian shortage as professionals abandon jobs stated that Australia has a massive shortage of vets and that vets have extremely high suicide rates.

No doubt some vets are self medicating on drugs meant for our more furrier friends!

The CLP should send a vet back into practice, yes Senator Sam, McMahon. The NT needs vets.

If you or someone you know needs assistance: