Queensland Train Wreck Warning To NT

We had to make a pun, we could not help ourselves. The recent shooting dead of two Queensland police officers should be sending a warning to the NT authorities. Based on media reports it would appear that education authorities have been somewhat lacking in oversight.

A clear message for the NT. “Weirdos” need to be monitored and complaints taken seriously. When you have controlling behaviour and touching school children then alarm bells should be ringing.

Zachary Rolfe Will Pay Somehow!

The NTG script is always the same. Bury those who transgress against us! If there is no evidence against the individual then NTG will create it.

It would appear Zachary Rolfe has played right into the hands of NTG with his text messages.

The first rule of dealing with NTG is to never shoot yourself in the foot.

Did Territory Cops Use Images Of Aboriginals In Target Practice?

We hope not. An anonymous source suggests that some “rogue elements” in the force have used various types of targets including images of Aboriginals in the past.

Know anything about this? Contact us: transparentnt@disroot.org

Thanks to “Ralph” we were sent this image. We are suspect about it though. It may well be a police target or something akin to a Murray Smalpage joke! We do not endorse this image in anyway but the public has a right to know. Perhaps it was created by a “murder” of police officers?

RALPH - Copy

Jury Correct On Rolfe

Thank goodness the jury had some common sense in regard to Zachary Rolfe.

Zachary Rolfe may have been found not guilty and although he does not end up in prison, we cannot consider him a winner. There are no winners in these matters.

Will Rolfe be able to work again in the NT? Will he take legal action against the NT?

We can remember one Michael Gunner mouthing off, why he was involved in a police matter? Why did Gunner get that clown Ken Fleming from ICAC to be involved? What a mess!

Stick a sock in his mouth!

lying-face_1f925 (9)

KEN something Big


Perhaps there is a message in this sad story. Behave yourself and do not commit crime. Police have weapons that are designed to kill. Do not attack police.

Boundless Shooting, Politics and a Fair Trial

By now the entire NT has heard a story about the shooting, has a friend who works at the clinic or knows the police officer’s third cousin. He lunged, he had an axe, he was asleep, he was on drugs, he was undressed, the police officer had a hard night and “I know him, he would never shoot unless it was life or death”.

This shooting highlights that something is very wrong in the NT. The NT Government is the problem, both politicians and those in the bureaucracy. The shooting is just the far end of the bullying and intimidation that goes on. Denying people their rights.

The NT has an unsavoury reputation when it comes to threats to shoot and really doing it. The Trust has been on the tail of Hylton “gun threat” Hayes for over a decade, yes Eva Lawler’s “Coffee for Contracts” friend. And sure Hayes may have joked about shooting someone but where does it stop? Just like the Nazis it stops with really shooting people and thinking nothing about it.

This week we have seen a person shot despite endless Royal Commissions identifying how such tragedies can be avoided.

Given the circumstances it will now be claimed that the police officer was only charged with murder to appease groups protesting and to assist Chief Minister Gunner in the 2020 Election.

There is no doubt that once such a shooting would have been swept under the carpet. Swept under the carpet like a lot of other things. It is time for the NT Police to start to do their job and actually act on complaints. As for ICAC involvement, this is going to stretch resources so far that ICAC will only be looking at this shooting.

Is Mr Gunner going to fund extra ICAC investigators?


How can the police officer now get a fair trial in the NT?




ICAC Commissioner in Alice Springs….commenting on “Black Lives Matter” stating that anyone who does not believe this is corrupt (ABC TV Report 14 November 2019).

It is good that the Commissioner is actually showing an interest but it is a pity that it takes a death and the potential of riots to get the Commissioner out and about. His comments and activity is pre-empting any allegation of corruption.

What about all the other allegations of dodgy deals and so on that have been given to ICAC?

As we have asked above, “where is all the money coming from the fund this investigation?” Are there new investigators?

Is it a case of “sorry” the Walker case takes priority now and all our cases are on hold or simply brushed aside?

Everyone in the NT should be very worried.

Firstly the police are trigger happy.

Secondly can you have confidence in the institutions that are meant to be protecting you such as the Ombudsman and ICAC. Are they really independent?

Thirdly the government seems to using funding to restrict ICAC activities.

Fourthly all NT Governments have failed to act on the whole raft of Aboriginal issues. Deciding to ignore and not fund, the same as their general response to their own corruption.









Darwin Shooting Rampage Highlights Member for Drysdale as Soft on Gun Violence


The dust is settling on the shooting rampage in Darwin and sadly four people lost their lives. No doubt the NT Government will be investigating how a known criminal was able to get a firearm. Politicians will be showing their shock, grief, anger and determination to use legislation so such a crime cannot be repeated.

Yet one of these same politicians actually has a very questionable record on gun violence. The Member for Drysdale, Eva Lawler has openly supported a former government employee who made comments about shooting another employee in a text. See LINK

Seems Eva Lawler really supports her friend see LINK



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