My Job Was “JAQed” And “JESed” Special Measures Kicked In And I Was Displaced In THE NTPS

Unbelievable? Yes we thought so as well until we investigated.

We have been reliably informed that a manager in an NT Government agency stated that ” I cannot have your job evaluated to a higher level because you will not win the position due to special measures”. Talk about making assumptions in regard to selection panels.

What is the NT Government doing about this situation?

Do you vote? Do not vote for politicians who support these policies. Thus do not vote Labor or CLP.

Public Service Officers Fear Special Measures

We are hearing a lot of bad vibes from NT Government public servants at the moment. Several public servants have contacted us regarding the upgrading of their positions. They fear they will lose their current jobs to special measures candidates and become displaced officers.

We did a some rapid research on the OCPE website and could find nothing about special measures pushing out current employees. However it does not mean that such things are actually happening. The OCPE has not updated the website in almost 2 years. LINK

If you work for the NT Government we suggest you always have a copy of The Asshole Survival Guide by Robert L. Sutton and the phone number of a good solicitor handy.

NT Government Special Measures Not Delivering Services For Aboriginals

We have been contacted by an anonymous party who suggests that special measures recruiting is not delivering services for Aboriginal people. High rates of absenteeism combined with sub-standard performance that is covered-up is the norm. The OCPE pretends that special measures is working but the reality on the ground is something else. Yet another NTG program “Pretending Together”.

Stalin had five year plans in the USSR where production figures were usually a bolstered sham. Natasha Fyles is very much like Stalin when comes to special measures.

Time to end race based policies and get the Territory moving in the right direction.

Special Measures Man?!

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They now call me Special Measures Man here in the NT. Got me self a job in the NT public service, f**k I’m off sick every second day and nobody ever checks. Then I got funerals for the other days. Nothing like the NT, not today, not Tuesday and no f**king way on Thursday. Bye, gotta go to lunch, will be back at 4:20 pm so I can say I left at 4:21 pm. F**k you taxpayer c**ts I’m off home. Now how do I get a government car?


The Northern Territory Government uses the term “special measures” in relation to Aboriginal people. The term special measures is very reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

Does the Northern Territory have an Aboriginal problem that these special measures are designed to solve? Perhaps there was an NT version of the Wannsee Conference where terms such as special measures were first introduced.

The Nazi Party was possessed with race and so are Australian governments. Perhaps Aboriginals should be made to wear a small Aboriginal flag so they can be identified more easily by the police and bureaucrats.

Most Aboriginals in the NT are already in a form of concentration camp, the communities.

It is unfortunate that we have to use such comparisons. We make no apologies.

NT Government Special Measures Employment A Sham!

Special measures employment is a total sham. A lot of talk about Aboriginal people from the NT but how many of them are getting government jobs? We believe that the NT imports Aboriginals from other jurisdictions. Meanwhile locals miss out!

As for guy who created this sham, he is back in Queensland. Read the link.

May 8 2019 LINK

He said he was proud of his role in getting more Indigenous people into public-sector employment — from 8.3% to 10.5% of the total workforce during his time in office, and from 2.3% to 5.6% of the senior executive ranks.

“We’ve still got a way to go because 30% of population in the Northern Territory is Aboriginal, and we’ve got a target of 16%,” he said. “When I first came here, noone thought we would get into double figures, so we’ve done a lot of work to achieve that.

Subtle Apartheid – Holding The NT Back!

At least South Africa was honest about their apartheid system. The Northern Territory has a form of apartheid. Every person is racially profiled as being non-Aboriginal or Aboriginal or ATSI or indigenous (various labels may be used). There is a special measures policy for government jobs further dividing the population.

Dividing a population does not create unity.

What we have is the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Quality services are not delivered when you have people appointed based upon race; fact is the Northern Territory Government has created a “monster” that has everyone tiptoeing around. “What are we going to do? They are not performing and they got their job by special measures!”




Low Expectations Quotes. QuotesGram


The Ugly Side Of Special Measures Recruiting Within The NT Government

So-called “Special Measures” recruiting in within the NT public service is not delivering services to those the policy is designed to help. In many many cases the special measures candidates are not qualified to do the job or when appointed will not or cannot perform to an appropriate standard.

It is fact that selection panels are simply hiring people based only on Aboriginality with little regard to whether they can perform the job. There are serious concerns regarding a lack of appropriate supervision and performance assessment.

A recent ABC article highlights the madness of policies such as special measures. LINK