Done Over Territory Style

It was going to be the adventure of a lifetime, an opportunity too good to refuse. A job working for the Northern Territory Government. The NT, Australia’s last frontier, land of opportunity and myth.

As they wave their friends goodbye before departing for the Territory there are the usual jokes about crocodiles, camels, flies and dingos. But little do they know what awaits them in the dark corridors of the NT Government. It is the croc in the corridor and dingo in the donga that are real danger in the NT.

The reality of the great NT adventure is often pure hell working for the NT Government. No wonder so many police, teachers and medical staff constantly come and then leave the NT. The NT is Australia’s living hell!

Manisonomics – An Illogical Theory

Northern Territory Treasurer Nicole Manison has developed her own economic and population theories that The Trust calls Manisonomics.


Nicole Manison’s economic strategy driven by political opportunism at the expense of teachers in Katherine who only have a few votes.

The NT Government wants to bring people to the NT to increase the population. There are incentives to move to the NT under a $50 million population strategy. LINK to ABC article from 22 August 2018.

There were even reports of athletes being paid to come to the Arafura Games, despite comments from the NT Government about gold sponsors being involved, there are still questions about where the funds were coming from. Sky News on 6 March 2019 reported:


Things are so bad that the NT Government is paying people to come to NT. But under the Manisonomics model cuts have to made to other people already in the NT to pay for others to come. Katherine school teacher housing subsidies being axed as part of the Manisonomics Budget Fix is part of the illogical economic strategy being imposed. The Katherine Times 16 April 2019 reported:

Kath Chop.PNG

The Trust suspects that the driver for the Katherine subsidy cuts is actually the fact that Labor member for Katherine Sandra Nelson will not contest the 2020 NT Election. It is likely that Katherine will be a CLP gain in the 2020 election irrespective of any cuts. Labor will be not wanting to cause pain where seats can be held.


Sandra Nelson silent on cuts because she is pulling the pin on politics!