Vigilante Group Wants To Castrate NT Gang Members And More

We received an email from Dark Hunting who stated they were a member of a vigilante group. According to Dark Hunting a vigilante group called Force Z exists somewhere in the NT. A number of punishments were detailed including castrating anyone the group believed to be a criminal.

Vigilante Justice? | Applied Social Psychology (ASP)

* We do not endorse vigilante action.

Are You Ready For The “Animals” That Come Out At Day and Night In The NT?

You are not safe in your own home in the NT. 

Are you ready for your home to be invaded by the “animals” running amok in the NT?

Pick Handle

Pick Handle

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Baseball bat beating women arrested by U.S. Marshalls |

Baseball Bat

I rape your car c*nt.





We do not support vigilante action. We pay our respects to vigilantes past and present. Always ensure that you “smoke” pick handles, baseball bats and machetes before using them.

Citizens On Patrol

It would seem that NT citizens are prepared to deal with crime themselves. The police have failed to quell the crime rampage and now private citizens are talking tough.

We can only guess at what could happen in the coming months if crime continues to rise.

These are just three scenarios. (We are not suggesting that anyone do these things.)

  • Desert drop off, dumped 100 km from town in the middle of the night
  • Swimming in the Adelaide River
  • Visiting Peter Falconio

Gang Warfare

Why I Love Batman & Robin - Need To Consume

Will Vigilante Groups Take Matters Into Their Own Hands In The NT?

Robin: Holy anal fistula, Batman.

Batman: Yes Robin we are off to a big box hardware shop and then the supermarket.

Robin: To lube or not to lube that is the question.

Batman: Precisely Boy Wonder.

Warning: Readers should not attempt this at home.

Barbwire Method (when the victim is tied up, a hollow PVC pipe is inserted to the Victim’s anal cavity by using Vaseline cream. When the pipe is 6-8 cm inside the anus a barbwire is put to the anal cavity through the hallow pipe. Then the pipe is slowly taken leaving the barbwire inside the anal cavity. While interrogating the prisoner the tormentor manipulates the barbwire causing enormous pain to the victim). Source

The Alice Out Of Control!

The crime situation in Alice Springs suggests several things, the do-gooder bleeding hearts will not like to hear.

  • Crime is out of control
  • Some parents either will or cannot control their children
  • Many people have meaningless lives of welfare dependency interrupted by violence
  • Illiteracy is rife
  • The criminals do not care
  • Prisons are seen as a holiday better than home (what home?)
  • Drop in centres need to run 24/7 365 days a year

These are just some of the issues.

Perhaps the penalties are too soft? 

'Beyond excruciating': When it comes to brutality ...

Members of The Trust have been surprised that vigilante groups have not been forming in Alice Springs.

"Intense" Stephen King Batman and Robin Story on Podcast ...

Robin: Will we call Commissioner Chalker?

Batman: No Robin, we not be calling anyone.

Robin: Why?

Batman: This is Alice Springs. We will take these criminals 100 kms out of town and dump them in the middle of nowhere!